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Various Artists, "The Music of Antonio Carlos Jobim", êl Records [UK] #___________ (2010).[CD Compilation]

Walter Wanderley performs one track on this compilation (see tracklist below).


1 JOÃO GILBERTO - Desafinado (Off-Key) 2 SILVIA TELLES - Dindi 3 SILVIA TELLES - Discussao (Discussion) 4 SILVIA TELLES - Fotografia (Photograph) 5 SILVIA TELLES - Demais (Too Much) 6 SILVIA TELLES - Canta canta mais (Sing, Sing Some More) 7 SILVIA TELLES - So em teus bracos (Only In Your Arms) 8 WALTER WANDERLEY - Samba de uma nota so (One Note Samba) 9 WALTER WANDERLEY - Meditacao (Meditation) 10 TRIO NAGO - Chega de saudade (No More Blues) 11 DICK FARNEY - Amor sem adeus (Love Without Goodbye) 12 LUIZ BONFA - Amor sem adeus 13 LUIZ BONFA - Eurydice 14 NORMA BENGELL - Sucedeu assim (It Happened Like That) 15 NORMA BENGELL - Eu preciso de voce (I Need You) 16 BOLA SETE - Eu preciso de voce 17 LENITA BRUNO - Por Toda Minha Vida (For All My Life) 18 LENITA BRUNO - As Praias Desertas (The Empty Beach) 19 AGOSTINHO DOS SANTOS - Estrada do sol (Road to the Sun) 20 ELIZETE CARDOSO - Vida bela (Beautiful Life) 21 WALTER WANDERLEY - Este seu olhar (That Look You Wear) 22 ALAIDE COSTA - Estrada branca (White Road) 23 LEO PERACCHI - Coffee Delight 24 MARPESSA DAWN - A Felicidade from Orfeu Negro 25 O Nosso amor (Tambourine and Accordian) from Orfeu Negro 26 LUIZ BONFA - Scene du lever du soleil from Orfeu Negro.


João Gilberto "O Amor, O Sorriso e A Flor",
êl Records [UK] #ACMEM201 (2010).[CD Reissue with Bonus Tracks]

Tracks with Walter Wanderley participating are listed on the tracklist below.  In addition, the track credited to Mike Falcao is also Walter Wanderley (he used that alternate name while he was under contract with a certain record label and recording on a different label at the same time).

From the Jazz Station Blog of Arnaldo DeSouteiro:  After the big success of the European CD release of João Gilberto's landmark debut album "Chega de Saudade," in January 2010 by the UK label Él, that same English company is now announcing the first CD reissue of Gilberto's second album for Odeon: "O Amor, O Sorriso e A Flor," recorded in 1960. As shown above, the Él logo and an English sub-title, "Love, A Smile and A Flower," were added to the original cover art.

The CD will be reissued in Europe on January 10, 2011 -- with 23 bonus tracks (!) performed by other artists -- under the catalog number ACMEM201. Él is a division of the London-based Cherry Red Records Ltd., distributed in Europe by Pinnacle. Probably, the CD version of "O Amor, O Sorriso e A Flor" will soon be available also in Japan, released by the Solid Viper label, which achieved big sales with the "unofficial" CD release of "Chega de Saudade."


1. Samba de uma nota só (One Note Samba) [Jobim]
2. Doralice
3. Só em teus braços (Only In Your Arms)
4. Trevo de quatro folhas (I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover)
5. Se é tarde me perdoa (Forgive Me if It's Too Late)
6. Um abraço no Bonfá (A Hug for Bonfá)
7. Meditação (Meditation) [Jobim]
8. O pato (The Duck)
9. Corcovado [Jobim]
10. Discussão (Discussion)
11. Amor certinho (Certain Love)
12. Outra vez (One More Time) [Jobim]

Bonus tracks:

13. Outra vez (One More Time) - SERGIO MENDES [Jobim]
14. Ho-ba-la-la - SERGIO MENDES
15. Corcovado - SYLVIA TELLES [Jobim]
16. Ho-ba-la-la - SYLVIA TELLES
17. Samba de uma nota só (One Note Samba) - SYLVIA TELLES [Jobim]
18. O pato (The Duck) WALTER WANDERLEY
20. Aos pes da cruz (At the foot of the Cross) - MIKE FALCÃO
21. Samba de uma nota só (One Note Samba) - AGOSTINHO DOS SANTOS [Jobim]
22. Desafinado (Off-Key) - AGOSTINHO DOS SANTOS [Jobim]
23. Chega de saudade (No More Blues) - AGOSTINHO DOS SANTOS [Jobim]
24. Manhã de carnaval (Morning of the Carnival) - AGOSTINHO DOS SANTOS
25. A Felicidade (Happiness) - AGOSTINHO DOS SANTOS [Jobim]
26. A Felicidade (Happiness) - ORQUESTRA RIO DE JANEIRO [Jobim]
27. Discussão (Discussion) - ALAIDE COSTA
28. A Felicidade (Happiness) - MACIEL [Jobim]
30. É luxo só (It's Just a Luxury) - SILVIO SILVEIRA
31. Maria Ninguém (Maria Nobody) - CARLOS LYRA
32. Maria Ninguém (Maria Nobody) - HERALDO DO MONTE
33. Brigas nunca mais (Fights, Never More) - ORQUESTRA PAN AMERICAN with OS CARIOCAS [Jobim]
34. Chega de saudade (No More Blues) - ORQUESTRA PAN AMERICAN with OS CARIOCAS [Jobim]
35. Meditação (Meditation) - LUIZ EÇA & ASTOR SILVA [Jobim]

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[UK Compilation CD]

Walter Wanderley, "The World of Walter Wanderley", él / Cherry Red Records [UK] #5 013929 319936 (2010).[Compilation CD]
This Compilation CD is made up of tracks recorded in Brazil, before Walter came to the U.S.


  1. Este Seu Olhar [That Look You Wear]
  2. Lamento
  3. Lobo Bobo
  4. El Reloj
  5. The Diary
  6. Ho-Ba-La-La
  7. O Amor E a Rosa
  8. Ninho Do Nonô
  9. O Menino Desce O Morro [Little Brown Boy]
  10. Chora Tua Tristeza [Cry Your Sadness]
  11. Dona Baratinha
  12. Mulata Assanhada
  13. Teleco Teco N°2
  14. Samba De Uma Nota Só [One-Note Samba]
  15. Saudade Querida
  16. O Pato [the Duck]
  17. Meditação [Meditation]
  18. Cheiro De Saudade [the Scent of Longing]
  19. E Daí (Proibição Inútil E Ilegal)
  20. O Apito Do Samba [the Whistle of the Samba]
  21. Gimba
  22. Io
  23. Oh! Carol
  24. Quero Beijar-Te As Mãos
  25. Fim De Caso
  26. Aos Pes Da Cruz [At the Foot of the Cross]
  27. Saudade Da Bahia [Longing For Bahia]
  28. Diana
  29. La Vem a Bahiana
  30. Praça 11

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