Walter Wanderley - Verve (continued):



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Compact Jazz Series, "Best of Bossa Nova" (various artists including Walter Wanderley), Verve #833 289-2 (1990).[CD Compilation]

It contains The Walter Wanderley Trio performing Summer Samba from the "Rain Forest" LP and Walter Wanderley performing O Barquinho from the "Batucada" LP.


Various Artists, "Telephone", Verve Records [Japan] #YMN-S06 (1990).[CD Compilation]

These Walter Wanderley performances are included:
Summer Samba
A Man and A Woman
Call Me

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Astrud Gilberto, "This Is Astrud Gilberto", Verve Records [Germany] #825 064-1 (year unknown).[LP Compilation]
Astrud Gilberto, "This Is Astrud Gilberto", Verve Records [EU] #825 064-2 (year unknown).[CD Compilation]

This record contains the track "It's A Lovely Day Today" with The Walter Wanderley Trio.

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