Walter Wanderley - Verve (continued):


[Original LP]

Batucada1.JPG  Batucada3.JPG
[Japan CD Reissue]


 [Inside the gatefold LP, reproduced in miniature for the CD reissues]


[Original Label]

[The 24-bit digitally-remastered Limited Edition Japanese reissue of "Batucada".
It features an LP-style slipcase for the CD.]

[2007 Japan CD Reissue]

Walter Wanderley, "Batucada", Verve #V/V6-8706 (1967).[Original LP]
Walter Wanderley, "Batucada", Verve/Pony Canyon [Japan] #POCJ-2563 (19__).[CD Reissue]
Walter Wanderley, "Batucada", Verve [Japan] #UCCV-9009 (2001).[24-bit digitally remastered Limited Edition CD Reissue]
Walter Wanderley, "Batucada", Verve/Universal [Japan] #9213 (2007).[CD Reissue]

Walter's 2nd gatefold LP.

On the South Side of Chicago
O Barquinho (Little Boat)
Batucada (The Beat)
It Hurts to Say Goodbye
Os Grilos (The Crickets Sing For Anamaria)
Minha Saudade
E Preciso Cantar (It's Time to Sing)
So, What's New?
Ainda Mais Lindo
Ela E Carioca (She's a Carioca [Native of Rio])
Jequibau (Pretty Butterfly)


Walter Wanderley--organ & piano, Sebastian Neto--bass, Marcos Valle--guitar, Jose Marino--bass, Paulinho and Dom Romao--drums, Lu Lu Ferreira--percussion.

Vocals--(Wave) Talya Ferro

(She's a Carioca) Claudio Miranda and Talya Ferro.

Male vocal for "Minha Saudade", unknown.

Original LP produced by Creed Taylor.

[Original LP]

R-729180-1285447066.jpeg  R-729180-1285447154.jpeg
[Inside gatefold cover]

Beachsamba.JPG  Beachsamba-cdb.JPG
[U.S. CD reissue pictured above]

Astrud Gilberto, "Beach Samba", Verve #V/V6-8708 (1967) [Original LP].
Note: The original "Beach Samba" LP itself was not a compilation.
Astrud Gilberto, "Beach Samba", Verve [Germany] #V6-8708 (1967).[LP]
Astrud Gilberto, "Beach Samba", Verve [Germany] #2332 072 (year unknown).[LP Reissue]
Astrud Gilberto, "Beach Samba", Verve/Polygram [Japan] #519 801-2 (1993) [CD Reissue].
Astrud Gilberto, "Beach Samba", Verve [U.S.] #314-519801-2 (1993) [CD Reissue].

   Beach-samba.pdf - Original 1967 liner notes written by Stan Levine.

   Beach-reissue-1.pdf - CD reissue liner notes written by Neil Tesser.

   Beach-reissue-2.pdf - Page 2 of CD reissue liner notes written by Neil Tesser.

Bonus Tracks (from U.S. CD Reissue):

Goodbye Sadness (Tristeza)
Call Me
Here's That Rainy Day
Tu Meu Delirio
It's a Lovely Day

The CD reissue of this album contains 5 bonus tracks from "A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness" with The Walter Wanderley Trio.

LP produced by Creed Taylor.



[Original LP]

R-399243-1108242222.png  R-399243-1108242234.png
[German DJ/Promo labels above]

[2014 Japan CD Reissue]

Luiz Henrique, Walter Wanderley, "Popcorn", Verve #V/V6 8734 (1967).[Original LP]
Luiz Henrique, Walter Wanderley, "Popcorn", Verve [Germany] #V6-8734 (1968).[DJ/Promo LP]
Luiz Henrique, Walter Wanderley, "Popcorn", Verve/Pony Canyon [Japan] #POCI-2669 (19__).[CD Reissue]
Luiz Henrique, Walter Wanderley, "Popcorn", Verve/Universal [Japan] #
UCCU-90056 (2014).[CD Reissue]

First U.S. Wanderley LP produced by someone other than Creed Taylor (Bob Morgan, for this LP). When I first saw that "Happy Birthday" and "Home on the Range" were included in this LP, I really laughed to myself. Then I listened to them both. The arrangements of both tunes are nothing like you've ever heard before!!!

Happy Birthday
Diane In the Morning
A Different Beat
Home On the Range
Blue Island
Dusty Road
In My Automobile

Personnel:  Luis Henrique--guitar, piano; Walter Wanderley--organ, electric piano, harpsichord; Sivuca--accordian; Jose Marino--bass; James Kappes or Gary Chester or Donald MacDonald--drums; Melvin Tax or Romeo Penque--flute; Luiz Henrique or Alfonso De Paula--percussion.

[Original LP inside and out]

Walter Wanderley, "Kee-Ka-Roo", Verve #V/V6-8739 (1967).[Original LP]
Walter Wanderley, "Kee-Ka-Roo", Verve/Pony Canyon [Japan] #POCJ-2561 (19__).[CD Reissue]

Walter's last Verve LP, also a gatefold one.


Side 1
Side 2
The Bobo
Canto De Ossanha
Wait Until Dark**
Taka a Chance With Me
Menino Das Laranjas
Music to Watch Girls By
Sebato Sera
Errinho Atoa

Personnel:  Walter Wanderley--organ and eletric piano; John Pizarelli--guitar; Jose Marino--bass; Dom Um Romao--drums; Alfonso De Paula--trumpet and percussion; Jerome Richardson--flute; Bobby Rosengarden--percussion & vibes.

**Vocal by Marge Dodson.

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