Walter Wanderley - Tower:

The album pictured below is comprised of the same tracks as "El Samba Es Mas Samba con Walter Wanderley"; "Walter Wanderley's Brazilian Organ", and the Odeon Brasil release of "O Samba Mais Samba com Walter Wanderley".


[Original Mono LP]

R-688403-1328925409.png  R-688403-1328925412.png
[Original Mono LP Labels]

From_Rio-Stereo.JPG  From_Rio-Stereo-b.JPG
[Original Stereo LP]

Side1STEREO.png  Side2STEREO.png
[Original Stereo LP Labels]

Walter Wanderley, "From Rio With Love", Tower #T 5047 / ST 5047 (1966).[LP]

Side 1
Side 2
You and I
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
Rio and I
Life's Poem
The Flame
Let Things Be
I'll Be Right Back
The Same Yellow Rose
I've No Place to Live
I'll Only Go With a Woman
What Do You Know About Me
Baby Took Revenge

LINER NOTES (uncredited) from the Original LP:


Another (this one in stereo) is pictured below; this is the same album as "Samba no Esquema de Walter Wanderley", with a difference of two tracks:

Murmurio.JPGMumurio-b.JPG  STEREO_Label.png
[Original Stereo LP & Label]

R-9882562-1487896083-8707.jpeg.jpg  R-9882562-1487896085-4186.jpeg.jpg
[Original Mono LP]

MonoSide1.png  MonoSide2.png

[Original Mono LP Labels]

Walter Wanderley, "Murmurio", Tower #ST 5058/T 5058 (stereo/mono) (1967).[LP]

Side 1
Side 2
What I Like About You
The Girl from Ipanema
Airplane Samba
I Only Dance the Samba
Samba on the Beach
Only Samba
Ze from Conceicao
O Samba Brasileiro

Special Note: The tracklist printed on the album's back cover is incorrect for order; in particular, "Beach Samba" is played before "Airplane Samba" even though the tracklist indicates otherwise.

Note: The tracks "Samba on the Beach", "Airplane Samba", and "The Girl from Ipanema" appear (under slightly differently translated names--Samba on the Beach being "Beach Samba" and Airplane Samba being "Song of the Jet") on Wanderley's first Verve LP, "Rain Forest"; however, there is a vast difference in sound between the Brazilian arrangements of these tracks on "Mumurio" and the American versions on "Rain Forest"!

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