Walter Wanderley - Spartacus


Who's "Walter Menderley"???


In late February 2000, I received an email from someone asking if a CD he owned by "Walter Menderley Y Su Grupa" was a Walter Wanderley recording released in Mexico. I hadn't heard of Walter changing his last name(!) for another country's release, so I asked for photos (which appear below) and a track list. When I got the photos, the tracks compared exactly to Walter Wanderley's "Brazil's Greatest Hits" on the GNP/Crescendo label. So now there were only two possibilities left--either this CD was a Mexican bootleg of "Brazil's Greatest Hits" or a recording made by one of many of Walter's Mexican imitators I'd heard about in doing my research for this site. After comparing a sound file I had sent him to Track 1 of his CD (which proved to be identical in arrangement, timing, etc.), it turns out that this CD is indeed a bootleg, and not one of Walter's Mexican imitators. Two more items of note: this disc used to be sold by before it was pulled suddenly, and this copy I was sent the photos of was actually purchased in the U.S. from a retail establishment!

Note the beautiful artwork, even on the disc.




Walter Menderley Y Su Grupo, "20 Exitos De Brasil", Spartacus #SDL27010 (1996).[CD]

Note: This CD does not give any indication of being licensed by GNP/Crescendo Records, contains the identical tracks, timing and arrangements as GNP's "Brazil's Greatest Hits", is no longer sold by the online company that used to stock it, so it is safe to presume that it is a bootleg. 

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