Walter Wanderley - Odeon Pops:



Walter Wanderley, "El Samba Es Mas Samba con Walter Wanderley" Odeon "Pops" #LDS 2064 (year not determined).[LP]

This is the same album in content as "O Samba é Mais Samba". This Argentinian one is a reissue of the Brazilian release and has some cover differences. The Argentinian reissue pictured above is not dated. It's also the same album in content as "Walter Wanderley's Brazilian Organ" and Tower's "From Rio With Love".

Interestingly, the Argentinian release has the song titles in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Tu Y Yo
Vuelvo Ya
No Tengo Donde Vivir
Deja Andar
Yo Y El Rio
La Misma rosa Amarilla
Solo Voy Como Mujer
Que Sabe Usted De Mi
La Negra Se vengo
Poema de La Veda

Personnel information of other musicians on this album not credited.

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