Walter Wanderley - GNP/Crescendo:


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[Original U.S. LP & Label]

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[Japan LP]

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[Japan LP Labels]

[CD Reissue]

Walter Wanderley, "Brazil's Greatest Hits", GNP/Crescendo #GNPD 2137 (1980).[LP]
Walter Wanderley, "Brazil's Greatest Hits", GNP/Crescendo [Japan] #K28P-160 (1980).[LP]
Walter Wanderley, "Brazil's Greatest Hits", GNP/Crescendo #GNPD 2137 (1989).[CD Reissue]

This album is a *must have* for Wanderley fans. It features pretty extensive use of something I haven't heard Walter play until now--a Moog Synthesizer! Though the tracks may look familiar from other LPs. please rest asssured that in this case--these are all NEW arrangements and you definitely haven't heard these before on other Albums/GNP_Crescendo. The cello is also a very interesting addition to the Wanderley lineup and is used nicely.


Wave (Jobim)
Mas Que Nada (Ben)
Girl from Ipanema (DeMoraes/Gimbel/Jobim)
Canta de Ossanha
Triste (Jobim)
One Note Samba
Quiet Nights
Berimbau (DeMoraes/Gilbert/Powell)
Summer Samba
How Insensitive
Samba de Orpheu
Brazil (Barroso/Russell)

Musician personnel:

Walter Wanderley - Organ, Piano, Moog Synthesizer, Arp, Fender-Rhodes Electric Piano.

Jose Marino - Bass

Luis Peralta - Percussion, Drums, Tambourine, Berimbau, Culca, Cabassa, Cuica, Waterphone

John Pisano - Guitar

Patrice Young - Cello

Walter, 1980.

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[Original LP]

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[Japan CD Reissue]

Walter Wanderley, "Perpetual Motion Love", GNP/Crescendo #GNPD 2142 (1981).[LP]
Walter Wanderley, "Perpetual Motion Love", GNP/Crescendo [Japan] #CSMCD-030 (2014).[CD Reissue with 6 Bonus Tracks]

This is the latest Wanderley album I can find that was recorded just 5 years before Walter passed away and that was comprised of new material. Like "Brazil's Greatest Hits" (above), Walter makes nice use of the synthesizer along with the organ and piano. Of special note is the fact that this is the third Wanderley album where an arrangement of Jobim's "Song of the Jet" (Airplane Samba) is featured (the first being on "Rain Forest", the second being on "Mumurio"), with all three tracks arranged differently. It was obviously one of Walter's favorites! Ironic that this song appears on his first album as well as his last.

"Surfboard" and "On My Mind" also appeared on the LP "When It Was Done", but they are presented here in new arrangements as well.

This LP features two original Wanderley compositions: "Recife", which he co-wrote with bassist Jose Marino in honor of his home town, and "Monica", which he wrote alone for his daughter of the same name.

Tracklist for Original LP:

Side 1
Side 2
Perpetual Motion Love
Just the Two of Us
On My Mind
The Moon Was Yellow
Julie Is Her Name
Jet Samba (Samba do Aviao)

Tracklist for Japan CD Reissue:

[This Japan CD Reissue does include the six bonus tracks listed; but omits "The Moon Was Yellow" and "Forget" which are on the original LP!]


Walter Wanderley: Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, ARP String ensemble

Jose Marino: Bass

John Pisano: Guitar

Alex Acuna: Percussion

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