Walter Wanderley - Copacabana

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[Original LP & Label]

Marisa, "Simplesmente", Copacabana [France] #51.991 / FLASH 18-6336 (1960).[LP]

Walter Wanderley is the uncredited organist on this LP.


Chorou Chorou

Toma La, Da Ca

Cantiga De Quem Esta So

Chora Tua Tristeza

Gostel, Gamei

A Cancao Dos Seus Olhos

Como Vai Voce

Fiz O Babao

Cansei de Ilusoes

Menina Feia

Amor Em Paz (Jobim)

Esquecendo Voce



Elizeth Cardoso, "A Meiga Elizeth Nr. 5", Copacabana [Brazil] #_______ (1964).[LP]

This album is thought to have Walter Wanderley playing on it, under the alias of "Sir Walter Scott" (this is not confirmed information).

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