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Lynn Skinner - Vohn Regensburger, "Gems in the Rough", Vocal Eyes Music #VEM02 (2002).[CD]

This is what string arranger/conductor and co-producer of the album, Vohn Regensburger had to say to me regarding this album:

"[Gems in the Rough] is another bossa nova disc that would've featured Claudio had he lived.  He was slated to be the drummer on this recording and we greatly missed his gentle grace - although his spirit certainly guided us during the project."

In addition, within the liner notes of this album, vocalist and executive producer Lynn Skinner wrote this in the "With My Deepest Gratitude To:" section:

[To] "Claudio Slon, whose influence on and enthusiasm for this project lives on."

It is obvious to this webmaster even when listening to this album for the first time that the drum charts were arranged with Claudio's drumming style in mind.


The Look of Love

Summer Me, Winter Me

Could It Be (Loving You)


Help Me

Como Um Samba De Adeus

Only Trust Your Heart

Pure Imagination

Para Machucar Meu Coração

Stronger Than Us/Plus Fort Que Nous

Musician Personnel:  Lynn Skinner (voice, arrangements, design concept, executive producer); Vohn Regensburger (guitar, arrangements, string orchestrations); Eduardo "Bijoux" Barbosa (acoustic, electric, fretless bass); Larry Thompson (drums, percussion); Bob Rebholz (alto flute, flute, tenor and soprano sax, electronic wind instrument); Phyllis Carlson (violin); Lynn Case (violin); Lian Coman (violin); Karl Epstein (cello).

Be sure to read the interview Vohn Regensburger gave for this website which is located HERE.


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