Claudio Slon - Tamla



Tata Vega, "Try My Love", Tamla Records #360 (1979).[LP]


Come on and Try My Love
I Need You Now
Get It up for Love
If Love Must Go
Magic Feeling ***
Gonna Do My Best to Love You
I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby
Whoppre Bopper Show Stopper
In the Morning

*** The track "Magic Feeling" written by Claudio Slon/Don Grusin; lyrics by Dave Griffin.  This track was produced by Winston Moseque, co-produced and arranged by Andre Fischer. Tata does the lead vocal, with Brenda Russell, Stephane Spruill, Yolande Howard & Patti Brooks doing the backing vocals.

Personnel: Tata Vega--Vocals; Claudio Slon--Drums.


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