Claudio's name in Japanese as seen in the liner notes of "Primal Roots".


  Claudio Slon - Reprise


[Original LP with rare cover art]

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[8-Track Tape]

Frank Sinatra With Antonio Carlos Jobim, "SinatraJobim", Reprise #1028 (1969).[LP]
Frank Sinatra With Antonio Carlos Jobim, "SinatraJobim", Reprise #8FH 1028 (1969).[8-track tape]

This tape contains all Jobim compositions and is one of the few Recordings on Reprise that also contains material not used in either of the Sinatra-Jobim publicly released LPs
(noteably the tracks of Sabia, Bonita and Desafinado).  The balance of tracks are ones included in the "Sinatra and Company" LP.

All compositions by Jobim and he performs on all tracks with Sinatra, as well.

Tracklist on the 8-Track Tape:

Program 1:  Sabia, Bonita
Program 2:  Drinking Water, One Note Samba, Don't Ever Go Away
Program 3:  Someone To Light Up My Life, Triste, Wave (Part 1)
Program 4:  Wave (Part 2), This Happy Madness, Desafinado.

Claudio Slon is the drummer on these sessions.

[Original LP]

Frank Sinatra, "Sinatra and Company", Reprise, #RS-1033 (1971).[LP]
Frank Sinatra, "Sinatra and Company", Reprise, #1033-2 (1991) [CD].


Drinking Water
Someone to Light Up My Life
Don't Ever Go Away
This Happy Madness
One Note Samba
I Will Drink the Wine
Close To You
Bein' Green
My Sweet Lady
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Lady Day

Personnel not listed or credited on either LP or CD reissue; however, vocals by Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim, Claudio Slon is on drums, & Morris Stoloff is the conductor.


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[CD Reissue]



Frank Sinatra, "The Reprise Collection", Reprise #26340 (1990).[4 CD Boxed Set Collection]

Has Claudio Slon as drummer for the entire "A Man and His Music" tv special tracks.

Includes Sinatra and Jobim performing together the following medley:

Corcovado (Jobim)

Change Partners (Berlin)

I Concentrate On You (Porter)

The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim/DeMoraes/Gimbel).

Sinatra/Jobim medley arranged by Claus Ogerman & conducted by Nelson Riddle.  All other tracks arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle.

Produced by Robert Scheerer.

[2017 CD Reissue with 2 Bonus Tracks]

Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim, "Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim", Reprise / Universal Music #00602557354805 (2017).[CD Reissue with 2 Bonus Tracks]
Webmaster's Note:  The alternate take of "The Girl From Ipanema" has not been issued until now and is more than 11 minutes long. 
The "Sinatra/Jobim Medley" is taken directly from the Sinatra/Jobim/Ella Fitzgerald TV Special which aired the same year.

Claudio Slon is on drums on the "Sinatra/Jobim Medley" bonus track.  He played the drums on the Sinatra "A Man and His Music" TV Special which included this medley.


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