Claudio, 1971.


 Claudio Slon - Positive Music Records



Gregg Karukas, "Summerhouse", Positive Music Records #PMD77779-2 (1993).[CD]


My Best Friend
Moonlit Breeze
Desert Dancing
First Love
Whale Watching
Spinning Dreams
Thanks For The Reason
I Dream Of You

Personnel: Gregg Karukas (acoustic piano, all synthesizers, bass, drum, and percussion programming); Boney James (saxophones) Summerhouse, My Best Friend, First Love; Bruce Atkinson (bass) Summerhouse, First Love, Thanks For The Reason; Herman Mathews (cymbals) Summerhouse, (drums) Thanks For The Reason; Carl Burnett (guitar) My Best Friend; Tom Tucciarone (bass) My Best Friend, Whale Watching, Autobahn; Eric Marienthal (sax) Moonlit Breeze, Autobahn, I Dream Of You; Dori Caymmi (vocals) Moonlit Breeze, (guitar) I Dream Of You; Shelby Flint (vocals) Moonlit Breeze, Spinning Dreams, (background vocals) Desert Dancing; John Leftwich (bass) Moonlit Breeze, I Dream Of You; Ricardo Silveira (guitar) Moonlit Breeze, Whale Watching, Spinning Dreams; Claudio Slon (drums) Moonlit Breeze, I Dream Of You; Luis Conte (percussion) Moonlit Breeze, Whale Watching, Spinning Dreams, I Dream Of You; Steve Samuel (shakers) Moonlit Breeze, (percussion) First Love; Ron Boustead (vocals) Desert Dancing; Dave Koz (sax) Desert Dancing; Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar) Desert Dancing, First Love; John Pena (bass) Desert Dancing; Joe Dougherty (cymbals) Desert Dancing, First Love, Autobahn; Everette Harp (sax) Whale Watching, Thanks For The Reason; Pat Kelley (guitar) Autobahn.

Be sure to read the interview Gregg gave for this website, HERE.


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