Claudio, 1971.

Claudio Slon - Pablo Records




Joe Pass, "The Best of Joe Pass", Pablo Records #2405-419 (1973).[LP]
Joe Pass, "The Best of Joe Pass", Pablo #PACD-2405-419-2 (1991).[CD]
Joe Pass, "The Best of Joe Pass", Pablo #52405-419 (1991).[CS]
Joe Pass, "The Best of Joe Pass", Pablo #419 (1990).[CS]


A Foxy Chick And A Cool Cat (Pass)
How High The Moon (Hamilton/Lewis)
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (Bergman/Bergman/Legrand)
Que Que Há? (Bailly/Grusin)
Summertime (Gershwin/Heywood)
Blues For Alican (Pass)
Satin Doll (Ellington/Mercer/Strayhorn)
On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper/Washington)

Personnel: Joe Pass--guitar; Claudio Slon--drums; others unverifiable.


Paulinho Da Costa, "Agora", Pablo Records #OJC-630 (1976).[LP]
Paulinho Da Costa, "Agora",
Pablo #OJC-5630 (1991).[CS]
Paulinho Da Costa, "Agora",
Pablo #OJC-630 (1991).[LP]

In addition to percussion, drumming, vocal, lyricist and producing duties, Claudio Slon co-wrote all but one track on this album.


Simbora (DaCosta/Slon)
Terra (Bailly/DaCosta/Slon)
Toledo Bagel (Bulling/DaCosta/Slon)
Berimbau Variations (Bailly/DaCosta/Slon)
Belisco (Bulling)
Ritmo Number One (DaCosta/Slon)

   Agora-1.pdf - Page 1 of liner notes written by Paulinho Da Costa and David Griffin (IN ENGLISH).

   Agora-2.pdf - Page 2 of liner notes written by Paulinho Da Costa and David Griffin (IN ENGLISH).

   Agora-3.pdf - Page 3 of liner notes written by Paulinho Da Costa and David Griffin (IN ENGLISH).

   Agora-4.pdf - Page 4 of liner notes written by Paulinho Da Costa and David Griffin (IN ENGLISH).

   Agora-5.pdf - Page 5 of liner notes written by Paulinho Da Costa and David Griffin (IN ENGLISH).

Personnel: Octavio Bailly, Jr.--Bass, Vocals; Paulinho Da Costa--Percussion, Arranger, Vocals, Tamboura, Berimbau, Lyricist, Pandeiro, Surdo, Cuica, Reco-Reco, Tamborim, Frying Pan; Gene Goe--Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Steven Huffstetter--Trumpet, Arranger, Flugelhorn; Greg Phillinganes--Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric); Lee Ritenour--Guitar; Frank Rosolino--Trombone; Claudio Slon--Synthesizer, Percussion, Arranger, Drums, Timbales, Vocals, Lyricist, Producer, Water Drums, Synthesizer Percussion; Larry Williams--Flute, Saxophone; Mike Julian--Trombone; Steve Huffsteter--Trumpet, Flugelhorn.

Produced by Claudio Slon.


Various Artists, "The Pablo Collection", Pablo #2625 713 (1977).[2-LP Set]

This Set includes Claudio Slon as a sideman and a producer on the track "Blues For Basie".


Joe Pass (with Paulinho Da Costa), "Tudo Bem!", Pablo Records #2310 824 (1978).[LP]


Corcovado (Jobim)
Tears (Razao le Viver) (Deodato/Gilbert)
Wave (Jobim)
Voce (You) (Gilbert/Menescal)
If You Went Away (Valle)
Que Que Ha? (Bailly/Grusin)
Gentle Rain (Chuva Delicada) (Bonfa)
Barquinho (Bôscoli/Menescal)
Luciana (DeMoraes/Jobim/Lees)
I Live to Love (Neves)


Claudio at work during the Joe Pass "Tudo Bem!" Session


Joe Pass and Claudio Slon during the "Tudo Bem!" Session

   Tudo-bem.pdf - Original liner notes written by the producer Norman Granz.

Personnel: Joe Pass--Guitar; Don Grusin--Keyboards; Octavio Bailly, Jr.--Bass; Norman Granz--Producer; Oscar Castro-Neves & Paulinho Da Costa--Percussion; Claudio Slon--Drums; Oscar Neves--Guitar.

Produced by Norman Granz.


John Pisano (with Phil Upchurch, Jim Hughart), "Among Friends", Pablo Records #956 (1995).[CD]


Limehouse Blues (Braham/Furber)
Berry Drive (Pisano)
Take the "A" Train (Strayhorn)
D'Joe (Pisano)
If I Should Lose You (Rainger/Robin)
Mãos de Afeto (Lins/Martins)
Silent Tears and Roses (Del Barrio/Pisano)
Over the Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg)
Touch of Your Lips (Noble)
Voco (Coulter)
Blue Note Samba (Pisano)
Blues for E.S.M. (Pisano)

Personnel: Dori Caymmi--Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals; Joe Pass--Guitar (Electric); Phil Upchurch--Guitar (Electric); Ron Affif--Guitar (Electric); Eric Miller--Producer; Colin Bailey--Drums; Chuck Berghofer--Bass; Ted Greene--Guitar (Electric); Jim Hughart--Bass; Joe Labarbera--Drums; Jose Marino--Bass; Jeanne Pisano--Vocals; John Pisano--Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric); Lee Ritenour--Guitar (Electric); Andy Simpkins--Bass; Claudio Slon--Drums.


John Pisano, "Conversation Pieces", Pablo Records # 232310963 (1997).[CD]


You Were Meant for Me (Pisano)
Blues for Joe (Pisano)
Just Friends (Klenner/Lewis)
AM/PM (Diorio)
Ribbit (Pisano)
Jo--Wes (Pisano)
Whisper Not (Golson)
Body and Soul (Eyton/Green/Heyman/Sour)
When I Fall in Love (Heyman/Young)
I'll Follow My Secret Heart (Coward)
Blues in F (Pisano)
Captain Bacardi (Jobim)

Personnel: Dori Caymmi--Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar; Joe Diorio--Guitar, Guitar (Electric); Phil Upchurch--Guitar, Guitar (Electric); Colin Bailey--Drums; Chuck Berghofer--Bass; Gene Bertoncini--Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar; Chuck Domanico--Bass; Ted Greene--Guitar (Electric); Jim Hughart--Bass; Joe Labarbera--Drums; Jose Marino--Bass; John Pisano--Guitar, Guitar (Electric); Lee Ritenour--Guitar, Guitar (Electric); Claudio Slon--Drums; Ted Green--Guitar.


Joe Pass, "Guitar Virtuoso", Pablo Records #4423 (1997).[CD Compilation]


Cheek to Cheek (Berlin)
Seulb (Ellis/Pass)
Donna Lee (Parker)
Blues for Fred/They All Laughed (Gershwin/Pass)
Riff Blues (Peterson)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie/Casey/Pinkard)
Night and Day (Porter)
Bluesology (Jackson)
You Took Advantage of Me (Hart/Rodgers)
Here's That Rainy Day (Burke/Van Heusen)
Cotton Tail (Ellington)
All Too Soon (Ellington/Sigman)
Have You Met Miss Jones? (Hart/Rodgers)
O Barquinho (Little Boat) (Boscoli/Menescal)
I Didn't Know About You (Ellington/Russell)
Passanova (Pass)
Gentle Rain (Chuva Delicada) (Bonfa/Dubey)
You Go to My Head (Coats/Gillespie)
Sultry (Pass)
As Long as I Live (Arlen/Koehler)
Easy Living (Rainger/Robin)
Indian Summer (Herbert)
It Ain't Necessarily So (Gershwin/Heyward)
Why Don't You Do Right? (McCoy)
Lush Life (Strayhorn)
D-Joe (Pisano)
Alone Together (Dietz/Schwartz)
Weaselocity (Pass)
Anouman (Reinhardt)
Baileywick (Pass)
Giant Steps (Coltrane)
Belleville (Reinhardt)
S'Il Vous Plaît (Pisano)
Misty (Garner)
Eric's Smoozie Blues (Pass)
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) (Davis/Ramirez/Sherman)
Blues for Basie (Pass)
Beautiful Love (Gillespie/King/VanAlstyne/Young)
Tricrotism (Pettiford)
Star Eyes (DePaul/Raye)
Time for Love (Mandel/Webster)
Blues for 2 (Pass/Sims)
Blues for Angel (Pass)
Tarde (Borges/Nascimento)
Dindi (Gilbert/Jobim/Oliveira)
Song for Ellen (Pass)
Gentle Tears (Pass)
Takeoff (Pass/Sims)
How Deep Is the Ocean? (Berlin)
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) (Davis/Ramirez/Sherman)
My Old Flame (Coslow/Johnston)
Relaxin' at Camarillo (Parker)
Oleo (Rollins)
I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Hart/Rodgers)
Tenderly (Gross/Lawrence)
Blues for Monty (Pass)
Autumn Leaves (Kosma/Mercer/Prevert)
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You (Razaf/Redman)
Stompin' at the Savoy (Goodman/Sampson/Webb)

Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me (Ellington/Russell)
Ornithology (Harris/Parker)

Samba de Orfeu (Bonfa/Maria)
Samba de Orfeu (Bonfa/Maria)

Personnel: Louie Bellson--Drums; Herb Ellis--Guitar (Electric), Producer; Ella Fitzgerald--Vocals; Plas Johnson--Sax (Tenor); Shelly Manne--Drums; Joe Pass--Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Producer; Oscar Peterson--Piano; Jimmy Rowles--Piano; Gerald Wiggins--Organ, Piano; Don Grusin--Keyboards; Colin Bailey--Drums; Octavio Bailly, Jr.--Bass; Norman Granz--Producer; Ray Brown--Bass; Monty Budwig--Bass; Oscar Castro-Neves--Guitar (Acoustic); Paulinho Da Costa--Percussion; Duke Ellington--Piano; Arne Frager--Engineer; Ed Green--Engineer; Sir Roland Hanna--Piano; Albert "Tootie" Heath--Drums; Grover Helsley--Engineer; Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen--Bass; Jim Hughart--Bass, Guitar (Bass); Harold Jones--Drums; John Pisano--Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm); Sarah Vaughan--Vocals; Frank Severino--Drums; Zoot Sims--Sax (Tenor); Andy Simpkins--Bass; Tom Size--Engineer; Claudio Slon--Drums; Bobby Durham--Drums.


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