Claudio, 1971.


 Claudio Slon - Magnum Opus Music Records



Vohn Regensburger-Waldyr Menezes, "In A Brazilian Mood", Magnum Opus Music Records, #61251 (1996).[CD]


Personnel: Claudio Slon--Percussion, Drums; Octavio Bailly--bass, Nelson Rangell--flute, piccolo, alto sax & whistler; Vohn Regensburger, Waldyr Menezes--guitar and vocals; Suszanne Morales, Barbara Kuepper--background vocals.  Special Guests: Aliosio Aguiar--piano, Airto--percussion.  Strings section: Violins--Lynne Glaeske, Ellen Erhard, Harvey Thurmer, Lynelle Harding, Barbara Cawelti, Tracey LaGuardia, Kim Garvey, Stacey Watts, Kelleigh Buntz, James Watson, Andrew Stommes, Elena Winston. Violas: Jeanne Chin, Randy Fischer, Gerald Kinnebrew, Pat Siemens. Celli: Wayne Templeman, Kathryn Musa, Sebraina Landau, Felix McShane.

String Orchestra written, arranged, and conducted by Vohn Regensburger.

Produced by Vohn Regensburger.

Read the interview Vohn gave for this website HERE.

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