The Donato Trio personnel for 2000/2001 (Claudio Slon - drums, João Donato - piano, Luiz Alves - bass).
[Photo courtesy of Daniel Slon and used with permission]


 Claudio Slon - Fanfare Records



Bill Kopper, "Samba De Chueca", Fanfare Records #FF0426(a) (1999).[CD]


1. Samba De Chueca

2. Chorillo Bye, Bye

3. Tunisian Love Song

4. Ode to Morris Joy

5. Bahian Voodoo

6. Masataka

7. A Summer's Dusk

8. Quero Saber

9. The Mad Cow

10. La Casa Azul

11. Hollywood Malandra

12. Black Jack Road

Personnel: All guitars - Bill Kopper; Electric Bass - Eduardo "Bijoux" Barbosa; Acoustic Bass on Tracks 4,7,12 - David Crowe; Drums on Tracks 1,2,3,6 - Steve Ivey; Drums on Tracks 5,8,9,10,11 - Claudio Slon; Trumpet on Tracks 3,9 - Eric Hansen; Keyboard on Track 8 - Rob Lowe; Vocals - Helen Payne; Keyboard on Track 8 Intro & Lyrics on Tracks 1,3, 8 - Sonya Vallet.  Synth arrangement on Track 8 by Sonya Vallet.

All songs by Bill Kopper.

Be sure to read the interview Bill Kopper gave for this website, HERE. 


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