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  Claudio Slon - Elephant Records



João Donato Trio, "Amazonas", Elephant Records, #ER203 (2000).[CD]


Glass Beads
Alegria pra Cantar
Sugar Cane Breeze
Coisas Distantes
A Rã
Like Nanai
Brisa do Mar
Tardes de Verão
Os Caminhos
Fim de Sonho
O Fundo
Café com Pão


Claudio at work during the recording of "Amazonas"...


* * *


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   Vartan-liners.pdf - These are the liner notes written by producer Vartan Tonoian for this CD.

   Claudio-liners.pdf - These are the liner notes written by drummer Claudio Slon for this CD.


  Concert_announce.pdf - This was the web announcement for the live concert on April 7, 2000 which was also broadcast in streaming audio. This concert marked the beginning of the "Amazonas" CD availability in Brazil.

  Donato_interv.pdf - This was an interview conducted with João Donato shortly before the Brazilian release of the "Amazonas" CD.

  Daniella-amaz.pdf - A review of Donato's "Amazonas" CD is contained within the larger topic of "What is Brazilian Jazz?", written by Daniella Thompson.  Converted to .pdf from "Jazzing It" (September 2000) - [no longer online].

   aaj-amazonas.pdf - A short review of Donato's "Amazonas" CD from the All About Jazz website. - this webmaster's own personal review of this CD when received in May 2000.



Personnel: João Donato--piano, Jorge Helder--bass; Claudio Slon--drums.

Producer: Vartan Tonoian.


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