Claudio, 1971.

Claudio Slon - Capitol Records




Minnie Ripperton, "Minnie", Capitol Records #11936 (1979).[LP]


Memory Lane
Lover and Friend
Return to Forever
Dancin' and Actin' Crazy
Love Hurts
Never Existed Before
I'm a Woman
Light My Fire

Personnel: Henry Gibson--Percussion; José Feliciano, Minnie Riperton--Vocals; Buddy Collette--Flute, Wind; Victor Feldman--Percussion, Vibraphone; Hubert Laws--Flute; Jeremy Lubbock--Piano; Bill Reichenbach--Horn; Jerome Richardson--Flute; Tom Scott; Flute, Saxophone; Chuck Rainey--Bass; Phil Upchurch--Bass; Oscar Castro-Neves--Guitar; Leon "Ndugu" Chancler--Drums; Paulinho Da Costa--Percussion; David Duke--Horn; Steve Forman--Percussion; Master Henry Gibson--Percussion; William Green--Horn; Marlo Henderson--Guitar (Electric); Jerry Hey--Horn; Mitch Holder--Guitar (Electric); David Hungate, Kim Hutchcroft--Horn; Abe Laboriel--Bass; Harvey Mason, Sr., Richard Perissi, Art Phillips, Claudio Slon, Sheridon Stokes--Drums; Gerald Vinci--Violin; Randy Waldman--Piano (Electric); Larry Williams--Horn; Vincent DeRosa--Horn.


Various Artists, "Wouldn't It Be Nice: A Jazz Portrait of Brian Wilson", Capitol Records, #l33092 (1997).[CD]


Surfer Girl (Grusin, Don) -- 1:46
Surfer Girl (Grusin, Don) -- 5:22
Can't Wait Too Long (Clark Burroughs Group) -- 1:00
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Osborne, Jeffrey) -- 4:38
'til I Die (Elements) -- 6:28
Warmth of the Sun (Weston, Tim/Flint, Shelby) -- 6:15
I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Carlton, Larry) -- 4:37
In My Room (Scott, Marilyn) -- 4:36
I Went to Sleep (Clark Burroughs Group) -- :37
Caroline, No (Caymmi, Dori) -- 4:05
Our Sweet Love/Friends (Elias, Eliane) -- 2:36
Cabinessence (Clark Burroughs Group) -- :46
Don't Worry Baby (Khan, Steve/Anders, Gabriela) -- 6:16
God Only Knows (Yellowjackets) -- 5:23
Surf's Up (Clark Burroughs Group) -- 1:26
Don't Talk (Mendoza, Vince/Abercrombie, John) -- 8:09
 'til I Die (Clark Burroughs Group) -- 1:48

Personnel: Mark Egan--Bass, Vocals, Fretless Bass, Assistant Engineer, Fretless Bass; The Elements--Arranger; John Abercrombie--Guitar; Larry Carlton--Guitar (Acoustic); Dori Caymmi--Guitar, Arranger, Vocals; Peter Erskine--Drums; Steve Khan--Guitar, Arranger; Vince Mendoza--Arranger, String Arrangements, Orchestral Arrangements; Bob Mintzer--Arranger, Sax (Tenor); Rob Mounsey--Keyboards; Don Grusin--Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer; Bruce Dukov--Violin, Concert Master; Shelby Flint--Vocals, Soprano (Vocal); Marilyn Scott--Vocals; Steve Kahn--Guitar; Bill Evans--Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor); Jimmy Haslip--Bass, Fretless Bass, Fretless Bass; Alejandro "Alex" Acuña--Percussion, Drums; Gabriela Anders--Vocals; Danny Gottlieb--Drums; Clark Burroughs--Arranger, Tenor (Vocal); Dave Carpenter--Acoustic Bass; Luis Conte--Percussion; Bernie Dresel--Drums; Eliane Elias--Piano, Arranger; Charles Everett--Violin; Henry Ferber--Violin; Russell Ferrante--Piano, Arranger, Keyboards; Gene Morford--Bass (Vocal); Mary Hylan--Soprano (Vocal); William Kennedy--Drums; Peter Kent--Violin; Gina Kronstadt--Violin; Abe Laboriel--Bass; Armand Sabal--Lecco--Bass, Vocals; Linda Lipsett--Viola; Joy Lyle--Violin; Tollak Ollestad--Harmonica, Vocals; Papo Pepin--Conga; Vladimir Polimatidi--Violin; Barbara Porter--Violin; Marc Quiñones--Timbales, Guiro; Diane Reedy--Viola; Ralph Rickert--Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Claudio Slon--Drums; Tom Tally--Viola; Dorothy Wade--Violin; Tim Weston--Guitar, Arranger, Producer, Liner Notes; John Wittenberg--Violin; Dave Stone--Bass; Al Forman--Arranger, Keyboards; Daniel Smith--Cello, Celli; Suzie Katayama--Cello, Celli, Contractor; Bob Joyce--Bass (Vocal), Baritone (Vocal); Clifford Carter--Keyboards; Norm Hughes--Violin; Oscar Meza--Bass; Rubén Rodríguez--Bass; Walfredo Reyes Jr.--Percussion, Drums; Rudy Stein--Cello, Celli.

Richard Pages, "Pages", Capitol #12504 (1990).[CS]

Other issues of this album are listed separately under their respective record labels.

No album photo available.


Clearly Kim
This Is for the Girls
Let It Go
Listen for the Love
Love Dance
If I Saw You Again
It's Alright
Room at the Top
I Get It from You

Personnel: Claudio Slon--Drums; others unverifiable.


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