Claudio, 1971.

Claudio Slon - Blue Note Records




Various Artists, "Wouldn't It Be Nice: A Jazz Portrait of Brian Wilson", Blue Note #33092 (1997).[CD].


Surfer Girl (Grusin, Don) -- 1:46
Surfer Girl (Grusin, Don) -- 5:22
Can't Wait Too Long (Clark Burroughs Group) -- 1:00
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Osborne, Jeffrey) -- 4:38
'til I Die (Elements) -- 6:28
Warmth of the Sun (Weston, Tim/Flint, Shelby) -- 6:15
I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Carlton, Larry) -- 4:37
In My Room (Scott, Marilyn) -- 4:36
I Went to Sleep (Clark Burroughs Group) -- :37
Caroline, No (Caymmi, Dori) -- 4:05
Our Sweet Love/Friends (Elias, Eliane) -- 2:36
Cabinessence (Clark Burroughs Group) -- :46
Don't Worry Baby (Khan, Steve/Anders, Gabriela) -- 6:16
God Only Knows (Yellowjackets) -- 5:23
Surf's Up (Clark Burroughs Group) -- 1:26
Don't Talk (Mendoza, Vince/Abercrombie, John) -- 8:09
 'til I Die (Clark Burroughs Group) -- 1:48

Personnel: Mark Egan--Bass, Vocals, Fretless Bass, Assistant Engineer, Fretless Bass; The Elements--Arranger; John Abercrombie--Guitar; Larry Carlton--Guitar (Acoustic); Dori Caymmi--Guitar, Arranger, Vocals; Peter Erskine--Drums; Steve Khan--Guitar, Arranger; Vince Mendoza--Arranger, String Arrangements, Orchestral Arrangements; Bob Mintzer--Arranger, Sax (Tenor); Rob Mounsey--Keyboards; Don Grusin--Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer; Bruce Dukov--Violin, Concert Master; Shelby Flint--Vocals, Soprano (Vocal); Marilyn Scott--Vocals; Steve Kahn--Guitar; Bill Evans--Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor); Jimmy Haslip--Bass, Fretless Bass, Fretless Bass; Alejandro "Alex" Acuña--Percussion, Drums; Gabriela Anders--Vocals; Danny Gottlieb--Drums; Clark Burroughs--Arranger, Tenor (Vocal); Dave Carpenter--Acoustic Bass; Luis Conte--Percussion; Bernie Dresel--Drums; Eliane Elias--Piano, Arranger; Charles Everett--Violin; Henry Ferber--Violin; Russell Ferrante--Piano, Arranger, Keyboards; Gene Morford--Bass (Vocal); Mary Hylan--Soprano (Vocal); William Kennedy--Drums; Peter Kent--Violin; Gina Kronstadt--Violin; Abe Laboriel--Bass; Armand Sabal--Lecco--Bass, Vocals; Linda Lipsett--Viola; Joy Lyle--Violin; Tollak Ollestad--Harmonica, Vocals; Papo Pepin--Conga; Vladimir Polimatidi--Violin; Barbara Porter--Violin; Marc Quiñones--Timbales, Guiro; Diane Reedy--Viola; Ralph Rickert--Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Claudio Slon--Drums; Tom Tally--Viola; Dorothy Wade--Violin; Tim Weston--Guitar, Arranger, Producer, Liner Notes; John Wittenberg--Violin; Dave Stone--Bass; Al Forman--Arranger, Keyboards; Daniel Smith--Cello, Celli; Suzie Katayama--Cello, Celli, Contractor; Bob Joyce--Bass (Vocal), Baritone (Vocal); Clifford Carter--Keyboards; Norm Hughes--Violin; Oscar Meza--Bass; Rubén Rodríguez--Bass; Walfredo Reyes Jr.--Percussion, Drums; Rudy Stein--Cello, Celli.


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