Claudio, 1971.


 Claudio Slon - Azul Music




Ray Rideout, "La Paz En El Corazon", Azul Music #RR-1995 (1995).[CD]


1 - Veracruz

2 - Africa Azul

3 - La Paz En El Corazon

4 - Mazatlan

5 - In the Dance of Life

6 - Children of the Light: Prelude

7 - Children of the Light: Dance

Personnel: Ray Rideout, soprano sax, flute, synthesizers/samplers; John Rekevics, flute, alto flute; Sebastian Winston, alto flute, bass flute; Mark Fink, oboe; Burnett Anderson, flugelhorn; Vince Cooper, guitar; Claudio Slon, drums (on tracks 1, 2, and 7).

All compositions by Ray Rideout.

Be sure to read the interview Ray gave for this website, HERE.

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