Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 with Claudio Slon on drums - live!

Claudio Slon - Atlantic Records

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Macondo, "Macondo", Atlantic Records #SD 7234 (1972).[LP]


Side 1
Side 2
Do It to Me (Max Uballez & Albert Hernandez)
Cayuco (Tito Puente)
Why (Uballez & Hernandez)
Battery (Uballez)
Sneaking in the Back Door (Uballez)
Never Though I'd See You Gone (Uballez)
Wishes (Uballez)
Almendra (Abelardo Valdes)
Can't Make Love Alone (Uballez & Hernandez)
Get It On Girl (Uballez)

Personnel: Albert Hernandez, lead guitar & vocals; Max Uballez, rhythm guitar & lead vocals; Fred Ramirez, organ, piano & vibes; Ron Chretin, electric bass; Frank Martinez, drums; Lee Pastore, congas & percussion; Eddie Caicedo, timbales & percussion.

Arrangements by "Macondo"
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Recording Engineer:  Larry Levine
Re-mixed by Larry Levine & Claudio Slon

Produced by Claudio Slon for Sergio Mendes Productions.

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