The Donato Trio personnel for 2000/2001 (Claudio Slon - drums, João Donato - piano, Luiz Alves - bass).
[Photo courtesy of Daniel Slon and used with permission]



 Claudio Slon - Apirnala



Alan Ripa, "Highway 88", Apirnala #25446 8882-2 (2000).[CD]


Love Ties
Highway 88
When I See Her Smile
Foreign Affirmation
Sweet Addiction
A Year and A Day
Someone's Turn
Magnetic Connection
Don't Tell
This Way I Know
Ode to Carstan
Bluer Than Red
What She Gives Me
In the Nick of Time
Next Door Girl

Personnel: includes Alan Ripa, acoustic piano; Claudio Slon, percussion; Donnell Spencer, Jr., drums; Kevin Stoller, electric keyboards; Richard Mario Mendvil, electric bass; Sal Lozano, saxophones and also flute; Mike Miller, electric and accoustic guitars; Paul Morin, acoustic bass.

Produced and written by Alan Ripa.

There is now an entire page of photos featuring Claudio and some of the other musicians involved in this recording.  The photos are located here.

Be sure to read the interview given by Alan Ripa for this website HERE.


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