Bobby, 1994.


Bobby Rosengarden - Denon


Gerry Mulligan, "Gerry Mulligan", Denon #7682 (19__).[CD]

Other issues of this album are listed separately under their respective record labels.


Jeru (Mulligan)
Festive Minor (Mulligan)
Rose Room (Hickman)
North Atlantic Run (Mulligan)
Taurus Moon (Mulligan)
Out Back Of The Barn (Mulligan)

Personnel: Ruby Braff--Trumpet; Art Farmer--Trumpet; Bud Freeman--Sax (Tenor); Mel Lewis--Drums; Gerry Mulligan--Sax (Baritone); Dave Bailey--Drums; Claude Williamson--Piano; George Duvivier--Bass; Buddy Clarke--Bass; Bill Crow--Bass; Osie Johnson--Drums; Bobby Rosengarden--Drums; Dave Samuels--Vibraphone, Vibraphone; Billy Taylor--Piano; Mike Santiago--Guitar; Benny Moten--Bass.

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