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Wes Montgomery, "Down Here on the Ground", A&M #75021-0802-2 (19__).[CD Reissue]

Other issues of this album are listed separately under their respective record labels.


Wind Song
Georgia On My Mind
The Other Man's Grass is Always Greener
Down Here on the Ground
Up And At It
Goin' on to Detroit
I Say a Little Prayer For You
When I Look In Your Eyes
Know It All
The Fox

Personnel: Guitar: Wes Montgomery; Bass: Ron Carter; Drums: Grady Tate; Piano: Herbie Hancock; Percussion: Bobby Rosengarden, Ray Barretto; Vibes: Mike Mainieri; Violins: Gene Orloff, Raoul Poliakin; Cello: George Ricci; Viola: Emmanuel Vardi; Flutes & Oboe: Hubert Laws, George Marge, Romeo Penque.

Arrangements by Don Sebesky and Eumir Deodato.

Original LP produced by Creed Taylor.


Various Artists,"Jazz in a Penthouse", A&M Records #AMLB 1003 (1970).[LP Compilation]

Includes "Wave" (from the "Wave" album), composed and performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim, arranged & conducted by Claus Ogerman, with Claudio Slon on drums and Bobby Rosengarden on percussion.


Various Artists, "Brazilian Carnival", A&M Records [UK] #AMLB 1007 (1970).[LP Compilation]

This record contains "Antigua" and "Wave", composed and performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim; arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.  On both tracks, Claudio Slon is on drums and Bobby Rosengarden plays percussion.


Antonio Carlos Jobim, "Look To The Sky", A&M/Hamlet [UK] #AMLP8011 (1970).[LP Compilation]

The tracks marked with an asterisk (*) contain Bobby Rosengarden on percussion.


Look To The Sky *
Antigua *
The Girl From Ipanema
Wave *
Lamento *
Mojave *
Tema Jazz

Original tracks produced by Creed Taylor.

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[Gatefold 2-LP Compilation Covers]

Various Artists, "Gentle Rain", A&M Records #SQBE 94468 (1972).[2-LP Compilation Set]

This 2-LP Compilation Set contains a track ("Wave") where Bobby is playing percussion.

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Antonio Carlos Jobim, "Tidal Wave", A&M Records #L 45135/6 (1972).[2-LP Set]

This 2-LP Set features the complete albums of both "Wave" and "Tide".

Bobby Rosengarden is a percussionist on the "Wave" album.

Both albums originally produced by Creed Taylor.

[U.S. LP Compilation]

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[Japan LP Compilation and label]

Wes Montgomery, "Greatest Hits", A&M Records #SP 4247 (1970).[LP Compilation]
Wes Montgomery, "Greatest Hits", A&M Records [Japan] #AML-325 (197_).[LP Compilation]
Wes Montgomery, "Greatest Hits", A&M Records [Scandinavia] #2320 005 (1970).[LP Compilation]
Wes Montgomery, "Greatest Hits", A&M Records [Germany] #88 002 XAT (1974).[LP Compilation]

Bobby Rosengarden plays percussion on select tracks on this LP compilation.

Liner notes by Leonard Feather.
Produced by Creed Taylor.

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