Sergio Mendes - Som Livre (continued)

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Various Artists, "Renascer" (OST), Som Livre [Brazil] #407.0131 (1993).[LP]

This TV Soundtrack includes one Sergio Mendes track:  "Lua Soberana".

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Various Artists, Original Soundtrack, "Cobras & Lagartos Nacional", Som Livre [Brasil] #0373 2 (2006).[CD]

Track 12: THE FROG Sergio Mendes feat. Q-TIP &


Sergio Mendes, "Brasil Sempre--O Melhor De Sergio Mendes", Som Livre [Brazil] #663056 (2007).[CD Compilation]


Mas Que Nada
The Frog (Donato)
Pais Tropical
Laia Ladaia (Reza)
So Many Stars
With a Little Help From My Friends
Scarborough Fair
Like A Lover
The Look Of Love
Goin' Out Of My Head
Night and Day
The Fool On The Hill
Day Tripper
Watch What Happens

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Original Soundtrack, "TiTiTi, Volume 1", Som Livre [Brasil] #1696-2 (2010).[CD]

Sergio Mendes is featured on Track 9, "You and I" with Carlinhos Brown and Nayanna Holley.

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Original Soundtrack, "Alto Astral Internacional", Som Livre [Brasil] #3610-2 (2015).[CD]

Sergio Mendes is featured on the track "Don't Say Goodbye" with John Legend.

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