Early 1960s, Sergio playing jazz piano.

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[Original LP]

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[Japan CD Reissue Booklet]

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[Japan CD Reissue]

Sergio Mendes, "Dance Moderno", Philips [Brazil] #P 630.491 L (1960).[Original LP]
Sergio Mendes, "Dance Moderno", Philips [Japan] #PHCA-4210 (1998) [CD Reissue].

I am not ashamed to say that this is my very favorite SM album out of all those to which I have listened. A wonderful all-instrumental jazz record with great Brazilian percussion and rhythms backing every track. Five stars!


Oba La La
Love For Sale
Tristeza de Nos Dois
What Is This Thing Called Love?
Olhou Para Mim
Satin Doll
Tema Sem Palavras
On Green Dolphin Street
Outra Vez (Jobim)
Nica's Dream


In Ruy Castro's book "Bossa Nova", he states: In 1960, [Armando] Pittigliani, [of Philips Records] had invited Sergio Mendes to cut a disc at his recording company--a dance record. Mendes had resisted: he wanted to make a jazz record. Pittigliani managed to persuade him to change his mind, and Dance Moderno was made, but Mendes styled the arrangements with so many complicated, jazzy innovations that nobody could dance to it."

Personnel: includes Sergio Mendes, (piano); Edson Maciel (trombone), Durval Ferreira (guitar), & Bebeto (sax/flute/bass), Edson Machado (drums).


Sergio Mendes, "Quiet Nights", Philips [Brasil] #600-263 (1963).[LP]
Sergio Mendes, "Quiet Nights", Philips #PHM-200263/PHS-600263 (1968).[LP reissue]


Side One
Side Two
Quiet Nights (Corcovado)
One Note Samba
Jazz N Samba (So Danco Samba)
Morning of the Carnival (Mahna de Carnaval)
Insensatez (How Insensitive)
Meditacao (Meditation)
Amor Em Paz
The Tower
O Peixe
Abraco a Sergio

Special Note:  According to site visitor Frank-Oliver Hellmann, this additional information belongs with this listing:

Location:  Universal Recording, Chicago
Musician Personnel:  Sergio Mendes p; Dave Pike vib;  Unknown g; Sebastiao Neto b; Chico Batera d.
Note:  Eddie Higgins (vibes) replaces Dave Pike on “Insensatez”
Pianist Eddie Higgins was working in the recording booth at this session. Dave Pike had been playing vibes during the session but was unfamiliar with the melody for "Insensatez." The group was running out of studio time, so Higgins started the tape and ran out into the studio and played vibes on this one track. The group was Sergio Mendes' Brasil '65. Another track in the album, "Abraco a Sergio," was composed by Higgins and played by Mendes. The guitar player is unkown but it might be Rosinha de Valenca who was working with Mendes' Brasil 65. 
The record was issued in 1967, but was recorded November 1964 or 1965. An interesting note about the session is that
Mendes was brought in to record some background music for the Seeburg Company and was VERY upset when Philips
put it out later as an album. That was not supposed to happen.

Webmaster's Note:  the year of recording and year of issue given in the above information differs from the original information that was researched on this listing.   Therefore, it is not provided here as an official part of the listing, but as an addendum until such time as these facts can be confirmed/verified.


Various Artists, "Hits da Bossa Nova", Phillips [Brazil] #________ (1963).[LP]

This album contains this tracks performed by Sergio Mendes:

Outra Vez


Cannonball Adderley with Sergio Mendes and The Bossa Rio Sextet, "Cannonball Bossa Nova Com O Sexteto Bossa Rio", Philips [Brazil] #SLP 9154 (19__).[LP Reissue]

[Original LP]

[1st CD Reissue of this album under its original name]

bossa_front.jpg  bossa_back.jpg

[Japan LP]

Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio, "Sergio Mendes and Bossa Rio - Você ainda não ouviu nada!", Philips [Brasil] # P 632.701 (1964).[Original LP]
Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio, "Sergio Mendes and Bossa Rio - Você ainda não ouviu nada!", Philips/Dubas [Brazil] #______ (2002).[CD Reissue]
Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio, "Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio", Philips [Japan] #SFL-7347 (unknown year).[LP]

This LP is the same album as the one released in the U.S. as "The Beat of Brazil", Atlantic #1480 (1967) (tracks are in different order but are identical).

This is another excellent all-instrumental jazz album!  Sergio Mendes compositions included in this album are "Noa Noa" and "Primitivo".


Lado 1
Lado 2
Ela E Carioca
Amor Em Paz
Coisa No. 2
Noa Noa (Mendes)
Garota de Ipanema
Primitivo (Mendes)

Personnel: Sergio Mendes, piano; Sebastiao Neto, bass; Edison Machado, drums; Edson Maciel, slide trombome; Raulzinhyo, valve trombone; Hector Bisignani, tenor sax (on "Primitivo" and "Nana"), the featured tenor sax soloist is Aurino Ferreira. Arrangements by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes & Moacir Santos.

ipanema_front.jpg  ipanema_back.jpg

Sergio Mendes and Bossa Rio, "The Girl From Ipanema", Philips [Holland] #6436300 (19__).[LP]

This is the instrumental album with Sergio and The Bossa Rio Sextet which was originally released in Brazil under a different title.  It contains two Sergio Mendes compositions (see tracklist below).


Arrangements by Antonio Carlos Jobim.


Various Artists, "Hits da Bossa Nova Nr. 3", Philips [Brazil] #________ (1964).[LP]

This album contains performances featuring Sergio Mendes and also a composition - "Noa Noa" - written by Sergio Mendes.


Various Artists, "Ritmos Brasileiros", Philips [Brazil] #______ (1967).[LP Compilation]

This album features Sergio Mendes and Bossa Rio playing "Ela e Carioca" and "Garota de Ipanema".

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