Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77

Sergio Mendes - Epic (continued)


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Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77, "Grand Prix 20", Epic [Japan] #29AP 47 (1976).[LP]



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Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Gold Disc, No. 1", Epic Records [Japan] #ECPN-24-SM (19__).[LP Compilation]
All tracks were from a live performance.


Fool on the Hill
One Note Samba [Jobim] / Spanish Flea
The Look of Love / Oye Como Va
Constant Rain
Scarborough Fair
Killing Me Softly With His Song
Love Music
Wave [Jobim]
Going Out Of My Head
Something / Daytripper
Mas Que Nada


Sergio Mendes, leader & keyboards

Sebastião Neto, bass

Claudio Slon, drums

Laudir d'Oliveira, congas and percussion

Oscar Neves, guitar

Paulinho, percussion

Bonnie Bowden, vocals

Gracinha Leporace, vocals

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Gold Disc, No. 2", Epic Records [Japan] #_________ (19__).[LP Compilation]
No album photo or track listing available.

Personnel: includes Sergio Mendes--leader; Claudio Slon--Drums.


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