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Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Home Cooking", Elektra Records #7E-1055 (1976).[LP]
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Home Cooking", Elektra Records [Germany] #ELK 52030 (1976).[LP]

The track "Home Cooking" is co-written by Sergio Mendes.


Sunny Day (Sembello)
Hey People Hey (Gil)
It's So Obvious That I Love You (Lyra/Lyra)
Emorio (Donato/Gil)
Shakara (Johnson)
Where to Now St. Peter? (John/Thurin)
Cut That Out (Gil)
Tell Me in a Whisper (Hartman/Winter)
It's Up to You (Sembello)
Home Cooking (Lyra/Mendes/Rainey)

Musician personnel: Sergio Mendes--Synthesizer, Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Producer; Gilberto Gil--Guitar; Don Menza--Sax (Tenor); Raul DeSouza--Trombone; Chuck Rainey--Guitar (Bass);Michael Sembello--Guitar; Bonnie Bowden Amaro--Vocals; Marietta Araiza--Vocals; Oscar Brashear--Trumpet; Dennis Budimir--Guitar; Oscar Castro-Neves--Guitar; Paulinho Da Costa--Bongos, Conga; Dave Grusin--Piano; Louis Johnson--Guitar (Bass); Don Lewis--Programming; Raymond Maldonado--Trumpet; Harvey Mason, Sr.--Drums; Lise Miller--Vocals; Hermeto Pascoal--Flute, Organ (Hammond); Hank Redd--Sax (Alto); Frank Rosolino--Trombone; Claudio Slon--Percussion, Drums.

Brazil77.JPG  German-new_Brasil77_back.jpg

[Japanese CD Reissue]


[Also from the Japanese CD Reissue]

Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77, "Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77", Elektra #7E-1102 (1977).[LP]
Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77, "Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77", Elektra [UK] #K 52056 (1977).[LP]
Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77, "Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77", Elektra [Japan] #AMCY-6023 (199_).[CD]


Love Me Tomorrow (Paich)
Love City (Waters/Wonder)
Mozambique (Mendes/Neto/Sembello/Watts)
If You Leave Me Now (Cetera)
Peninsula (Castro-Neves/Mendes)
Why (Freeman/Sembello)
Real Thing (Wonder)
P-K-A-Boo (Redd)
Life (Coulter)


inside.jpg - black and white photo from a sheet of paper included inside the Brazilian LP covers.

Musician personnel: The New Brazil '77 members include Sergio Mendes, Keyboards; Oscar Castro Neves, Guitars; Donald Ballard, Bass; Ronald Ballard, Drums; David Hall, Drums; Chacal, Congas & Percussion; Testa, Bibiu & Dico - Brazilian Percussion; Marietta Waters, Carol Rogers, Cruz Baca - Vocalists. Other participating musicians include Sergio Mendes--Keyboards, Producer; Clifford Coulter--Moog Synthesizer; Michael Sembello--Guitar; Cruz Baca--Singer; Donald Ballard--Guitar (Bass); Ronald Ballard--Drums; Bibiu--Percussion (Brazilian); Oscar Castro-Neves--Guitar, Keyboards; Chacal--Percussion, Conga; Dave Grusin--Synthesizer; Laudir Soares de Oliveria--Percussion; Dico--Percussion (Brazilian); Steve Foreman--Percussion; Don Freeman--Piano; Steve Gadd--Drums; Geoff Gillette--Engineer; David Hall--Drums; Anthony Jackson--Guitar (Bass); Harry Kim--Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Michael McKinney--Guitar (Bass); Sebastian Neto--Percussion; Hank Redd--Guitar, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor); Carol Rogers--Singer; David Stout--Trombone; Testa--Percussion (Brazilian); Ian Underwood--Synthesizer, Moog Synthesizer; Marietta Waters--Singer; Nathan Lamar Watts--Guitar (Bass); Stevie Wonder--Piano, Clavinet.

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[German LP]

[Japan CD Release]

Sergio Mendes, "Sergio Mendes [1975]", Elektra #7E-1027 (1975).[LP]
Sergio Mendes, "Sergio Mendes [1975]", Elektra [Germany] #52 014 (1975).[LP]
Sergio Mendes, "Sergio Mendes [1975]", Elektra #EQ-1027 (1975).[Quadrophonic LP]
Sergio Mendes, "Sergio Mendes [1975]", Elektra [Japan] #AMCY-6016 (199_).[CD]


I Believe (When I Fall in Love It...
All in Love Is Fair
Let Them Work It Out
Here Comes the Sun
If I Ever Lose This Heaven
Looking for Another Pure Love
Someday We'll All Be Free
You Been Away Too Long

Musician personnel: Sergio Mendes, keyboards; Produced by David Grusin and Sergio Mendes; Orchestrated by David Grusin; Vocal Arrangements by Bob Alcivar; Harvey Mason; Drums; David T. Walker; Guitar; Oscar Neves; Guitar; David Amaro; Guitar; Dennis Budimir; Guitar; Bernard Ighner; Guitar; Jerome Richardson; Flute; Chuck Rainey; Bass; Paulinho Da Costa, Percussion; Bonnie Bowden - Vocals; Sondra Catton - Vocals.

Sergio Mendes, "Brasil '88", Elektra #6E-134 (1978).[LP Reissue]

Other issues of this album are listed separately under their respective record labels.


Side 1
Side 2
One More Lie
Waters of March
Midnight Lovers
That's Enough For Me
Tiro Cruzado

Life Goes On

Musician personnel: Sergio Mendes-keyboards, Nathan Watts-bass, Raymond Pounds & Alex Acuna-drums, Michael Sembello, Oscar Neves, Nelson Angelo-guitars, Laudir Oliveria, Nana, Emil Richards, Kenneth Nash, Sergio Mendes-percussion, Marietta Waters & Carol Rogers-vocals, Harry Bluestone, Paul Shure, Nathan Ross, Murray Adler, Henry Ferber, Shirley Cornell, Gordon Marron, Israel Baker, Arnold Belnick, Stanley Plummer, Assa Drori, Ralph Silverman, Sheldon Sanov, Ronald Folson, Don Palmer, Carl La Magna, David Frisina, Tibor Zelig-violins, David Schwartz, Richard Dickler, Virginia Majewski, Samuel Beghossian, Gareth Nuttycombe, Alan Harshman, Rollice Dale-violas, Jeff Solow, Douglas Davis, Raymond Kelley, Edgar Lustgarden-cellos, Dorothy Remsen-harp, Bud Shank, Gene Cipriano, Terry Harrington, Ted Nash, Ronald Langinger, Jerome Richardson, Ernest Watts, Don Menza-flutes and piccolo, Chuck Findley-trumpet, Frank Rosolino-trombone, Ernest Watts-baritone sax, Don Menza-tenor sax, Jerome Richardson-soprano sax, Chuck Findley-flugelhorn, David Duke, Richard Perissi, Vincent de Rosa-french horns.

Horns and String Arrangements by Richard Hazard.

Background Singer on "One More Lie" - Cruz Baca.

Orchestra Manager: Ben Barrett.

nightingale_front.jpg  nightingale_back.jpg

nightingale_inside_1.jpg  nightingale_inside_2.jpg
[Above:  German LP front, back and inside covers]

Gilberto Gil, "Nightingale", Elektra #6E-167 (1979).[LP]
Gilberto Gil, "Nightingale", Elektra [Germany] #ELK 52120 (1979).[LP]

This album was produced by Sergio Mendes.   There are also words written on the back cover by Sergio (text below).



Sarara (Gil)
Goodbye My Girl (Alburguergue/Gil/Santana)
Ella (Gil/Rogers)
Here and Now (Gil)
Balafon (Gil)
Alapala - The Myth of Shango (Gil/Rogers)
Maracatu Atomico (Jacobina/Mautner)
Move Along with Me (Gil)
Nightingale (Gil/Mautner)
Samba de Los Angeles (Gil)

Musician personnel: Sergio Mendes--Synthesizer, Producer; Gilberto Gil--Guitar, Vocals; Don Grusin--Synthesizer; Michael Sembello--Guitar (Electric); Alejandro "Alex" Acuña--Drums; Abe Laboriel--Bass; Gracinha Leporace--Vocals (bckgr); Carol Rogers--Vocals (bckgr)l Marietta Waters--Vocals (bckgr).

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