Sergio Mendes - Collector's Choice Music




Various Artists, "More Instrumental Gems of the 60s", Collector's Choice Music #_______ (1997).[CD Compilation]

This compilation includes Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66's "Mais Que Nada".


Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77, "Sergio Mendes and The New Brasil '77", Collector's Choice Music #_________ (2007).[CD Reissue]


Love Me Tomorrow (Paich)
Love City (Waters/Wonder)
Mozambique (Mendes/Neto/Sembello/Watts)
If You Leave Me Now (Cetera)
Peninsula (Castro-Neves/Mendes)
Why (Freeman/Sembello)
Real Thing (Wonder)
P-K-A-Boo (Redd)
Life (Coulter)

Musician personnel: The New Brazil '77 members include Sergio Mendes, Keyboards; Oscar Castro Neves, Guitars; Donald Ballard, Bass; Ronald Ballard, Drums; David Hall, Drums; Chacal, Congas & Percussion; Testa, Bibiu & Dico - Brazilian Percussion; Marietta Waters, Carol Rogers, Cruz Baca - Vocalists. Other participating musicians include Sergio Mendes--Keyboards, Producer; Clifford Coulter--Moog Synthesizer; Michael Sembello--Guitar; Cruz Baca--Singer; Donald Ballard--Guitar (Bass); Ronald Ballard--Drums; Bibiu--Percussion (Brazilian); Oscar Castro-Neves--Guitar, Keyboards; Chacal--Percussion, Conga; Dave Grusin--Synthesizer; Laudir Soares de Oliveria--Percussion; Dico--Percussion (Brazilian); Steve Foreman--Percussion; Don Freeman--Piano; Steve Gadd--Drums; Geoff Gillette--Engineer; David Hall--Drums; Anthony Jackson--Guitar (Bass); Harry Kim--Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Michael McKinney--Guitar (Bass); Sebastian Neto--Percussion; Hank Redd--Guitar, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor); Carol Rogers--Singer; David Stout--Trombone; Testa--Percussion (Brazilian); Ian Underwood--Synthesizer, Moog Synthesizer; Marietta Waters--Singer; Nathan Lamar Watts--Guitar (Bass); Stevie Wonder--Piano, Clavinet.

Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77, "Home Cooking", Collector's Choice Music #________ (2007).[CD Reissue]

The track "Home Cooking" is co-written by Sergio Mendes.


Sunny Day (Sembello)
Hey People Hey (Gil)
It's So Obvious That I Love You (Lyra/Lyra)
Emorio (Donato/Gil)
Shakara (Johnson)
Where to Now St. Peter? (John/Thurin)
Cut That Out (Gil)
Tell Me in a Whisper (Hartman/Winter)
It's Up to You (Sembello)
Home Cooking (Lyra/Mendes/Rainey)

Musician personnel: Sergio Mendes--Synthesizer, Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Producer; Gilberto Gil--Guitar; Don Menza--Sax (Tenor); Raul DeSouza--Trombone; Chuck Rainey--Guitar (Bass);Michael Sembello--Guitar; Bonnie Bowden Amaro--Vocals; Marietta Araiza--Vocals; Oscar Brashear--Trumpet; Dennis Budimir--Guitar; Oscar Castro-Neves--Guitar; Paulinho Da Costa--Bongos, Conga; Dave Grusin--Piano; Louis Johnson--Guitar (Bass); Don Lewis--Programming; Raymond Maldonado--Trumpet; Harvey Mason, Sr.--Drums; Lise Miller--Vocals; Hermeto Pascoal--Flute, Organ (Hammond); Hank Redd--Sax (Alto); Frank Rosolino--Trombone; Claudio Slon--Percussion, Drums.

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