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Bossa Rio, "Alegria!", Blue Thumb #BTS-17 (1970).[LP]
Bossa Rio, "Alegria!", Blue Thumb/Bomba [Japan] #_______ (19__).[CD Reissue]

Note: This recording group is separate from and should not be confused with Sergio Mendes' Bossa Rio Sextet, an instrumental group who are listed and pictured elsewhere on this site.


Spinning Wheel (David Thomas)
Zazueira (Jorge Ben)
Girl Talk (B.Troup-N.Hefti)
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (B.Weisman-D.Wayne-M.Garrett)
What a Pity (Que Pena) (Jorge Ben)
With Your Love Now (M.Valle-P.S.Valle-N.Gimbel)
Open Your Arms (D.Caymmi-E.Souto-P.Tapajos-J.Livingston-R.Evans)
Eleanor Rigby (Lennon-McCartney)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Bacharach-David)
Blackbird (Lennon-McCartney)

Personnel: includes Sergio Mendes--Producer; Manfredo Fest--Organ; Gracinha Leporace--Vocals; and Pery Ribeiro, Octavio Bailly, Jr., Ronnie Mesquita, & Osmar Milito.

bossario_live_1.jpg  bossario_live_2.jpg  bossario_live_3.jpg bossario_live_4.jpg

Bossa Rio, "Live in Japan", Blue Thumb #SR 410 (1970).[LP]


Spinning Wheel (D.C. Thomas)
Irene (C. Veloso)
Come and Get It (P. McCartney)
Canto de Ossanha (B. Powell / V. de Moares)
Juliana (A. Adolfo / T. Gaspar)
Eleanor Rigby (J. Lennon/ P. McCartney)
Blackbird (J. Lennon/ P. McCartney)
Que Pena (Jorge Ben)
Girl Talk (N. Hefti / B. Troup)
Quem Diz Que Sabe (J. Donato / P.S. Valle/ D. Beatriz)
Far Away (O. Bailly/ L. Hall)

Personnel: Joao Donato (acoustic piano), Manfredo Fest (Hammond organ), Octavio Bailly (bass), Ronnie Mesquita (drums), Pery Ribeiro (vocal & flute) and Gracinha Leporace (vocal).

Produced by Sergio Mendes.


Various Artists, "All Day Thumbsucker Revisited", Blue Thumb #7002 (1995).[CD Compilation Box Set]

Personnel: includes Sergio Mendes, Producer.

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