Sergio, 1964.


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Sergio Mendes and Brasil '88, "Summer Champion", Alfa [Japan] #ALR 6015 (1979).[LP]

The title track "Summer Champion" and "Home Cooking" were co-written by Sergio Mendes as well.



Produced by Sergio Mendes.

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Sergio Mendes and Brasil '88, "Magic Lady", Alfa [Japan] #ALR 6021 (1979).[LP]

This album contains the same tracklist as the U.S. album on the Elektra label.


I'll Tell You
Lonely Woman
You Get Your Love From Me
Magic Lady
Yes I Love You
A Dream Come True (Can't Hardly Wait)
Let It Go
Summer Dream

Personnel: Piano and Synthesizer: Sergio Mendes; Guitars: Michael Sembello, David Amaro; Drums: Raymond Pounds (all cuts), Alan Diaz (on "Lonely Woman"); Bass: Nathan Watts; Percussion: Sebastian Neto, Steve Forman, Laudir Oliveira, Sergio Mendes. Tom Scott plays saxophone solo on "Magic Lady" and "Summer Dream"; Oscar Neves plays acoustic guitar on "Magic Lady"; Chuck Findley plays trumpet solo on "Yes I Love You"; Clifford Coulter plays piano on "A Dream Come True (Can't Hardly Wait); Singers: Bonnie Amaro, Carol Rogers & Marietta Waters.

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Sergio Mendes, "Alegria", Alfa [Japan] #ALR 6038 (1980).[Promo LP]


Fato Consumado
To Voltando
Ultima Batucada
Aquelas Coisas Todas

Adeus America
Milagre Horizonte Aberto
O Mar E Meu Chao

Musician personnel:  Keyboards:  Sergio Mendes (Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes 88, Yamaha CP80); Acoustic Guitars:  Oscar Castro Neves, Djavan, Toninho Horta, Dori Caymmi; Electric Guitar:  David Amaro; Bass:  Sebastiao Neto, Jamil (on "Fato Consumado"); Drums:  Picole, Paulinho Braga (on "Fato Consumado"); Percussion:  Chacal, Nenem, Luna, Eliseu, Marcal, Chico Batera, Sergio Mendes; Female Vocals:  Carol Jeanne Rogers, Marietta Waters, Gracinha Leporace, Bonnie Bowden; Male Vocals:  Sergio Mendes, Marcio Lott, Claudio Cartier, Sebastiao Neto; Flugel Horn Solo on "Horizonte Aberto" Marcio Montarroyos.

String & Horn Orchestrations:  Oscar Castro Neves (except "Horizonte Aberto"), Waltel Blanco & Dave Grusin.
Produced & Arranged by Sergio Mendes.

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