Brasil '66's first drummer, Dom Um Romao - seen here in Central Park, New York
giving a free concert in the early 1980s.

 Sergio Mendes - A&M Records (continued)


Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66, "Grandes Exitos", A&M Records [Spain] #B66 (19__).[LP Compilation]

This contains the same tracklist as the original U.S. album but with the titles in Spanish.

NJB-3001_front.jpg  NJB-3001_inside.jpg  NJB-3001_back.jpg
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, "The Portrait Of Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66", A&M Records [Japan] #NJB-3001 (1970) [Club LP Release].


Mais Que Nada
With A Little Help From My Friends
Like A Lover
Watch What Happens
The Frog

So Danço Samba
For Me

Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66, “Grandes Exitos”, A&M Records [Argentina] #AM 5146 (1970).[LP]

[Original LP]


[2002 CD Reissue]



Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66, "Stillness", A&M Records #SP-4284 (1970).[LP]
Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66, “Stillness”, A&M Records [Brazil] #SAM 2071 (19__).[LP]
Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66, “Stillness”, A&M Records [UK] #AMLS 2009 (1971).[LP]
Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66, “Stillness”, A&M Records [Canada] #SP 4284 (19__).[LP]
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66, "Stillness", A&M Records [Japan] #LEX 9309 (1993).[LP]
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66, "Stillness", A&M Records/Universal [Japan] #UICY-3707 (2002).[CD]


Righteous Life*
Chelsea Morning
Cancao Do Nosso Amor (Far Away Today)
Lost In Paradise
For What It's Worth
Sometimes In Winter
Celebration of The Sunrise

Personnel: includes Sergio Mendes, keyboards, piano, leader; Claudio Slon--drums; Lani Hall, vocalist (who makes her final appearance on this album before starting her solo career); Orchestration on "Sometimes In Winter" and "Righteous Life" by: DICK HAZARD / Orchestration on "Lost In Paradise" by: THOMAS W. SCOTT
Engineers: LARRY LEVINE, DICK BOGERT, BART CHIATE / And Introducing GRACINHA / Acoustical Guitar and 12 string guitar: OSCAR CASTRO NEVES
Bass Flute on "Stillness"--THOMAS W. SCOTT / *A Special Thanks to: MICHAEL LANG, piano; MARK STEVENS, drums; JOE OSBORN, bass.

Produced by Sergio Mendes & Herb Alpert.

   Stillness.pdf - Japanese liner notes written for the 2002 CD reissue produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

Stillness-liner.JPG - liner photos from inside gatefold LP and CD booklet.

There is also a 45 rpm picture sleeve from Spain containing two of the tracks from this album, pictured elsewhere on this site.


nightandday_front.jpg  nightandday_back.jpg
[Netherlands LP]

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Night and Day", A&M Records #SP 8110 (year unknown).[LP Compilation]
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Night and Day", A&M Records [UK] #AMLB 51032 (year unknown).[LP Compilation]
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Night and Day", A&M Records [Netherlands] #ZT86035 (19__).[LP Compilation]

This album is another example of material actually recorded in the 1960s by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66, but credited to Brasil '77.

Tracklist for US & UK LP Compilations:

Side One
Side Two
Watch What Happens
Like a Lover
So Many Stars
Cinnamon & Clove
So Danço Samba
Night and Day
Mais Que Nada

Netherlands LP Compilation Tracklist:


Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77, "Live", A&M Records [Mexico] #AMS 1050 (19__).[LP]

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77, "Carnival:  Live in Japan", A&M Records #2623 (197_).[2 LP set]

Recorded at Osaka Festival Hall & Tokyo Koseinenkin Hall, April 7 & 15, 1973.


Love Music

One Note Samba/Spanish Flea

Going Out Of My Head

Like a Lover

Killing Me Softly With His Song


I Can See Clearly Now

Constant Rain

Koibito Yo Tonde Oide Yo (Japanese song-Come Over My Love)

Something/Day Tripper

Carnival Sound Medley/Manhana de Carnaval

Pradizer Adeus

Fool On The Hill

The Look of Love/Oye Como Va

Scarborough Fair

Mais Que Nada

Personnel: Sergio Mendes, keyboards; Gracinha Leporace, vocals; Bonnie Bowden, vocals; Sebastião Neto, bass; Oscar Neves, guitar; Paulinho Da Costa, percussion; Claudio Slon, drums; Laudir Oliviera, congas.

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