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Sergio Mendes, "My Summer Love"/"My Summer Love", A&M Records #SP-17202 (1982).[12-inch DJ/Promo Single]

Produced and arranged by Michael Sambello & Sergio Mendes.

never_front.jpg  never_back.jpg

Sergio Mendes, "Never Gonna Let You Go"/"My Summer Love"/"Carnaval", A&M Records [UK] #AMX 118 (1983).[12-inch Picture Sleeve Single]

voodoobrujo_front.jpg  voodoobrujo_back.jpg

Sergio Mendes, "Voo Doo (Specially Remixed Version)", A&M Records [Holland] # AMS12.9710 (1983).[12-inch 3-track Single]

SP-12068-A.gif  SP-12068-B.gif

[DJ/Promo Single labels pictured above]

Sergio Mendes, Side A: "Voodoo" (Special Remix)/Side B: "Voodoo" (Instrumental) #SP-12068 (1983).[12-inch 33 1/3 rpm DJ Promo Single]

Produced by Sergio Mendes.


Sergio Mendes, "Never Gonna Let You Go"/"Never Gonna Let You Go", A&M #SP 17226 (1983).[12-inch Promo/DJ Single]

Produced by Sergio Mendes.  From the A&M album "Sergio Mendes".


Sergio Mendes, "Voo Doo/Never Gonna Let You Go", A&M Records [Canada] #SP 23010 (1983).[12" Picture Sleeve Single]

voodoo(aus)_front.jpg  voodoo(aus)_back.jpg

Sergio Mendes, "Voo Doo (Specially Remixed Version/Instrumental)", A&M Records [Australia] #X 12028 (1983).[12" Picture Sleeve Single]

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