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Sergio Cabral, "Antonio Carlos Jobim, Uma Biografia", Lumiar Editora (1997).





"As a singer, Sylvia dedicated her short career to one man: Antonio Carlos Jobim. Of the little more than a hundred songs that she recorded during her ten years in the studio, at least fifty were by Jobim, written either alone or in partnerships. For her, he was always the supreme composer of his generation. The admiration was reciprocal because many of those songs, hot off the piano, were given directly to her. And to many of those which she didn't release, it was Sylvia who gave the definitive version, establishing the exact mood in which they should be sung."
From the text by Ruy Castro written especially for this edition.


[Above and below: these photos were taken directly in Rio in 2005 and feature Tom Jobim's full name on the markers.]




[Above:  A flyer (front and back) from a concert series ("Tons do Rio - 80 x Jobim") that took place in Rio, at the "Centro Cultural Light" in 2007, to celebrate Jobim's 80th anniversary. The concert series was produced by Leonardo Conde.]

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