Tom Jobim in concert.


Antonio Carlos Jobim - Metro Records:


Wes Montgomery, "Tequila", Metro Records [import] #2348-117 (year unknown).[LP]

Note the mispelling of the track "The Thumb".

Jobim's composition "How Insensative" is included in this album.

Claus Ogerman's involvement in this album is detailed below the tracklist.


Midnight Mood *
Bumpin' On Sunset *
What the World Needs Now Is Love
How Insensative *
The Big Hurt *
The Thumb
Little Child *

* Special Note:  Site research assistant Peter Bay has confirmed that "The Verve Master Edition CD Reissue of this album contains a total of 12 tracks as opposed to the original LP which has 8 tracks.  On the original LP, Claus Ogerman arranged only these tracks with overdubbed strings: 'Little Child,' 'The Big Hurt,' 'Bumpin' On Sunset,' 'Insensatez,' (How Insensative) and 'Midnight Mood.' This information was confirmed by that given on the CD reissue of this album - despite the fact that the original (Verve) LP cover says that the album is 'arranged by Claus Ogerman'".

Webmaster's Note:  There are two tracks recorded with all of the above which were not a part of the original "Tequila" recording:
Bumpin' On Sunset (alt. take) Master Number:  71L2698
The Big Hurt (alt. take) Master Number:  71L2696

Jimmy Smith Plus Big Band, "A Walk On The Wild Side", Metro Records [UK] #2364015 (1964).[2-LP Compilation Set]

Jobim's composition "Meditation" is included in this album.

All tracks originally produced by Creed Taylor.

FrontPS.png  BackPS.png
[Germany LP Reissue]

Walter Wanderley, "Brazilian Mood", Metro [Germany] #2356 111 (unknown year).[LP Reissue]
The tracklist on this LP is identical to that of "Rain Forest" on the Verve label.
This album contains the Jobim compositions "The Girl From Ipanema", "The Great Love" and "Song of the Jet".

Produced by Creed Taylor.

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