[Above photo from "A Trip to Brazil, Vol. 1", and is used with permission]

 Antonio Carlos Jobim - Lumia

[Volume 1 of the set is pictured above]

Various Artists, "Ary Barroso Songbook, Volume 1", Lumia #_________ (19__).[CD]
Various Artists, "Ary Barroso Songbook, Volume 2", Lumia #CDAB2 (1998).[CD]

Both these compilations feature Jobim performances.  Volume 2 features Jobim track "Pra Machucar Meu Coracao" (A.C. Jobim/Edu Lobo).


Various Artists, "Songbook of Noel Rosa", Lumia #CDNR______ (1999).[CD Compilation]

Contains these performances by Jobim: "João Ninguem", "Tres Apitos".

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