Tom Jobim in concert.


Antonio Carlos Jobim - Crepuscule



Cybill Shepherd - Stan Getz, "Mad About the Boy", Crepuscule #TWI470-2 (_____).[Unknown recorded format]

Other issues of this album are listed separately under their respective record labels.

Includes Jobim's "Triste".

Musician personnel: Cybill Shepard, vocal; Stan Getz--Sax (Tenor); Claudio Slon--Drums; Frank Rosolino (tb); Terry Trotter (p); Octavio Bailly (fender b); Joe Baron (ds); Paulinho da Costa (perc); Richard Spencer, Mike Altschut, Andreas Kostelas, Arthur Smith (fl); Oscar Neves (arr, g, kb).

Produced by Cybill Shepherd and Frank Marshall.

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