Antonio Carlos Jobim - Command



Enoch Light, "Big Band Bossa Nova", Command #RS 844 SD (1962).[Original LP]

This album contains Jobim's "Desafinado" and "One Note Samba".



Musician personnel:


LINER NOTES (uncredited):



Originated and produced by Enoch Light.

Let's+Dance+the+Bossa+Nova+A.jpg  Let's+Dance+the+Bossa+Nova+B.jpg

Enoch Light and His Orchestra, "Let's Dance Bossa Nova", Command #RS 851 SD (1963).[LP]

This album contains Jobim's "Meditation".

Originated and Produced by Enoch Light.


The Ray Charles Singers, "Something Special For Young Lovers", Command #____________ (1964).[LP]

This album contains Jobim's "Quiet Nights" composition.

Hyman.JPG Hyman-2.JPG

Dick Hyman, "Brasilian Impressions", Command #RS 911 SD (196__).[LP]

Jobim compositions include "Song of the Jet", "So Danco Samba", "Insensatez".

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[Original LP]

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[Original LP Labels]

Doc Severinsen, "Doc Severinsen & Strings", Command Records #RS 937 SD (1968).[LP]
This record contains Jobim's "Wave" composition.

Produced by Loren Becker and Robert Byrne.
Arrangements by Marion Evans.

Songs-For-Latin-Lovers.jpg  8738_1.JPG

The Ray Charles Singers, "Songs For Latin Lovers", Command #__________ (19__).[LP]

This album contains three Jobim compositions as indicated on the tracklist below.

Side 1:
1. Song of the Jet (Samba Do Aviao) (Jobim)
2. My Love, Forgive Me (Amore, Scusami)
3. Maria Elena
4. No More Blues (Chega De Saudade) (Jobim)
5. To You
6. Adios

Side 2:
1. Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune) (Jobim)
2. You're Mine (I Ricordi Della Sera)
3. Amo, Amas, Amamus
4. Carnival (Manha De Carnaval)
5. My Guitar and My Song
6. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You)

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