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Antonio Carlos Jobim - Collectables


Herbie Mann, "Do the Bossa Nova with Herbie Mann/My Kinda Groove" Collectables, #6245 (1999).[2-in-1 CD]

This album contains compositions, arrangements and performances on piano and voice by Jobim.  Jobim is also the conductor of the "Do The Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann" album.


Deve Ser Amore (It Must Be Love) (de Moraes/Powell)
Menina Feia (Ugly Girl) (Castro-Neves)
Amor Em Paz (Love in Peace) (de Moraes/Jobim)
Voce E Eu (You and I) (de Moraes/Lyra)
One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota So) (Jobim/Mendonca)
Blues Walk (Brown)
Consolacao (Consolation) (Powell)
Bossa Velha (Old Bossa) (Mann)
Blues in the Closet (Pettiford)
Morning After Carnival (Mann)
Vikki (Pike)
Mushi Mushi (Mann)
Soul Guajira (Corea/Mann)
Spanish Grits (Hernandez/Mann)
Saudade de Bahia (Caymmi)

Musician personnel (taken directly from the back album cover of "Do The Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann"): 

"On "Deve Ser Amor" and "Consolação" the personnel is:  Herbie Mann, flute or alto flute; Baden Powell, guitar; Gabriel, bass; Papao, drums (Deve Ser Amor) and Juquinha, drums (Consolação).
On "Menina Feia" and "Blues Walk", Herbie Mann plays with the Sergio Mendes "Bossa Nova Rio Group" (Paulo Moura, alto sax; Pedro Paulo, trumpet; Sergio Mendes, piano; Durval Ferreira, guitar; Otavio Bailly Jr., bass; Dom Um Romão, drums.
On "Amor Em Paz" & "One Note Samba" the pianist-arranger-conductor is Antonio Carlos Jobim, who also sings the vocal on "One Note Samba".
On "Voce E Eu" Herbie Mann plays with the trio of pianist Luis Carlos Vinhas.
On "Bossa Velha" Herbie Mann is accompanied by "Zezinho e sua Escola de Samba."  This 17-piece percussion group is made up of the leading Brazilian "School of Samba" musicians.  These musicians, who perform in the streets of Rio during Carnival, use all the characteristic Brazilian rhythm instruments such as cuica, tamborium, reco reco, pandeiro, frigideira, surdo, chocalho, etc."

Sergio Mendes, "The Swinger From Rio"/"The Beat of Brazil", Collectibles #COL-CD-6267 (1999).[CD 2-in-1 Compilation]

This is a double album compilation comprised of the tracks on "The Swinger From Rio" and "The Beat of Brazil".

Drifters-save-goodlife.JPG  Drifters-save-goodlife-b.JPG

The Drifters, "Save The Last Dance For Me"/"The Good Life With The Drifters", Collectables #COL-CD-6417 (2000).[2-in-1 CD]

Contains a recording of Jobim's "Desafinado".


Sergio Mendes/Quartette Tres Bien, "The Great Arrival"/"Bully!", Collectables #COL 6616 (2000).[CD]

Album contains Jobim's composition of "Bonita".

Personnel: Sergio Mendes, piano; unknown string orchestra arranged and conducted by Clare Fischer, Bob Florence, Dick Hazard. Also included are Bob Matthews (bass) and João Palma (drums).


Herbie Mann, "Right Now"/"Latin Fever", Collectables #COL 6828 (2001).[2-in-1 CD Reissue]

Performance in "Insensatez" track and arrangement of Side Two by Tom Jobim.

Tracklist for "Latin Fever" album:

Side One
Side Two

Harlem Nocturne

Batida Differente *



Not Now - Later On

Groovy Samba

The Golden Striker

Influenza de Jazz *


You Came A Long Way From St. Louis

* Special Note: The spelling "Differente" is an accurate transcription from both the album back cover and from the LP label, although this word is spelled with one 'f' in Portuguese. The same is true for the other title "Influenza de Jazz". This is usually seen as "Influencia do Jazz".

Personnel on Batida Differente, Groovy Samba and Influenza de Jazz is: Herbie Mann, flute; and the Sergio Mendes Sextet: Sergio Mendes, piano; Paulo Moura, alto sax; Pedro Paulo, trumpet; Durval Ferreira, guitar; Octavio Bailly, Jr., bass; Don Um Romao, drums; Tom Jobim, piano (on "Insensatez" track only) and arranger of all of Side Two.

These tracks were recorded in Rio de Janiero.


Herbie Mann, "A Mann & A Woman/Herbie Mann & João Gilberto (Recorded in Rio De Janeiro)", Collectables (Jazz Classics) #COL 6833 (2001).[2-in-1 CD Reissue]

Contains the following Jobim compositions: How Insensitive, Desafinado, Insensatez, One Note Samba.


Herbie Mann, "Super Mann:  The Best of Atlantic Years", Collectables #129 (2002).[14-CD Box Set]

This box set includes these Jobim compositions
How Insensative
Amor em Paz
One Note Samba


Roy Ayers, "Stoned Soul Picnic", Collectables Jazz Classics #6371 (2002).[CD Reissue]

Jobim's "Wave" composition is included on this album.


Sergio Mendes, "Sergio Mendes ... Featuring 'The Girl From Ipanema' and Other Favorites", Collectables Classics #090431041321 (2006).[5-CD Box Set]

This 5-CD box set from Sergio Mendes includes the Collectables' albums The Great Arrival / Bully!, In Person At El Matador! / Favorite Things / Pele (Original Soundtrack) (2-CD), Sergio Mendes / Magic Lady and The Swinger From Rio / The Beat Of Brazil.

This box set contains compositions written by Jobim, indicated on the tracklist below. It also contains the complete album "The Beat of Brazil" which contains all arrangements by Jobim.

Tracks of Disc 1:

1.  The Great Arrival
2.  Monday, Monday
3.  Carnaval
4.  Cancao Do Amanhecer
5.  Here's That Rainy Day
6.  Boranda
7.  Nana
8.  Bonita (Jobim)
9.  Morning
10.  Don't Go Breaking My Heart
11.  Tristeza De Amar
12.  Girl Talk
13.  Bully!
14.  I Never Knew
15.  Caravan

Tracks of Disc 2:

1.  Reza
2.  O Morro (Jobim)
3.  Samba Do Astronauta
4.  Tem Do De Mim
5.  Jodel (Donato)
6.  Samba De Jose
7.  Noa Noa (Mendes)
8.  Black Orpheus Medley: Manha De Carnabal
9.  Arrastao
10.  Vai De Vez
11.  Caminho De Casa
12.  O Coracao Do Rei (The King's Heart)
13.  Meu Mundo E Uma Bola (Main Theme) "My World Is A Ball"
14.  Memorias (Memories)
15.  Nascimento (Birth)
16.  I've Never Been In Love Before
17.  Work Song
18.  Exodus
19.  Three O'Clock In The Morning
16.  Voltando A Bauru (Back To Bauru)
17.  Cidade Grande (Big City)
18.  Cidade Grande (Big City)
19.  Alma Latina (Latin Soul) (Main Theme) "My World Is A Ball"
20.  A Tristeza Do Adeus (The Sadness Of Goodbye)
21.  A Tristeza Do Ades (The Sadness Of Goodbye)
22.  Na Bahia (In Bahia)
23.  Amor E Agressao (Love And Aggression)
24.  Meu Mundo E Uma Bola (Main Theme) "My World Is A Ball"

Tracks of Disc 3:

1.  My Favorite Things
2.  Tempo Feliz (Happy Times)
3.  Ponteio
4.  Veleiro (The Sailboat)
5.  A Banda (Parade)
6.  I Say A Little Prayer
7.  Comin' Home Baby
8.  Boa Palavra (The Good Word)
9.  O Mar E Meu Chao (The Sea Is My Soil)
10.  So What's New

Tracks of Disc 4:

1.  Davy
2.  I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
3.  All In Love Is Fair
4.  Let Them Work It Out
5.  Here Comes The Sun
6.  If I Ever Lose This Heaven
7.  Lookin' For Another Pure Love
8.  Someday We'll All Be Free
9.  You Been Away Too Long
10.  The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye
11.  I'll Tell You
12.  Lonely Woman
13.  You Get Your Love From Me
14.  Magic Lady
15.  Yes I Love You
16.  A Dream Come True (Can't Hardly Wait)
17.  Let It Go
18.  Summer Dream

Tracks of Disc 5:

1.  Maria Moita
2.  Sambinha Bossa Nova
3.  Batida Diferente
4.  So Danco Samba (Jobim)
5.  Pau Brazil
6.  The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim)
7.  Useless Panorama (Jobim)
8.  The Dreamer (Jobim)
9.  Primavera
10.  Consolaco
11.  Favela
12.  Nana
13.  Amor Em Paz (Love In Peace) (Jobim)
14.  Garota De Ipanema (The Girl From Ipanema) (Jobim)
15.  Coisa No. 2
16.  Primitivo (Mendes)
17.  Ela E Carioca (She's A Carioca) (Jobim)
18.  Corcovado (Jobim)
19.  Noa Noa (Mendes)
20.  Desafinado (Jobim)
21.  Neurotico


Perry Como, Lightly Latin / The Scene Changes, Collectables #_______ (2008).[2-in-1 CD Reissue]

Nick Perito arranged/conducted all tracks in the the "Lightly Latin" album included in this 2-in-1 Reissue with the exception of "Baia" and "The Shadow of Your Smile", which are arranged by Torrie Zito.
Jobim compositions are listed on the tracklist below.


How Insensative (Jobim)
Stay With Me (Perito)
The Shadow of Your Smile
Meditation (Jobim)
And Roses and Roses
Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma
Dindi (Jobim)
Once I Loved (Jobim)
Manha de Carnaval

Original LP produced by Andy Wiswell.

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