Antonio Carlos Jobim - Capitol (continued)


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[Above left: Stereo Original LP cover; right:  mono Promo LP back cover]

The Sergio Mendes Trio, "Brasil '65", Capitol #T 2294 (1964).[DJ/Promo LP]
The Sergio Mendes Trio, "Brasil '65", Capitol #T 2294/ST 2294 (1964).[Original LP]
The Sergio Mendes Trio, "Brasil '65", Capitol [Japan] #TOCP-50632 (1998) [CD Reissue].

This album contains two Jobim compositions (see tracklist below).  Special Note:  On some issues of this LP, the Jobim composition "Favela" is included as an extra track, between "So Nice" and "Berimbau".  This extra track does not appear on the U.S. LP or on the Japan CD Reissue.


So Nice
Tristeza Em Mim
Aquarius (Donato)
One Note Samba (Jobim)
She's A Carioca (Jobim)
Muito A Vontade (Donato)
Let Me

Musician personnel: The Sergio Mendes Trio with Wanda de Sah--vocals; Rosinha de Valencia--guitar; Bud Shank--alto sax & flute.

LINER NOTES (from the Original LP, uncredited):


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Jackie Gleason, "Jackie Gleason Presents Silk 'n' Brass", Capitol/EMI [UK] #EMS 1182 (1965).[LP]

This album contains Jobim's "The Girl From Ipanema".

LINER NOTES (uncredited):


Produced by Dick Jones.

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[Original LP]

[Original Label]

Wanda de Sah, "Softly! - The Seductive Voice of Wanda de Sah", Capitol [Canada] #T 2325 (1966).[Original LP]

Wanda de Sah performs here with the Sergio Mendes Trio; guitarist Rosinha de Valença, and orchestra arranged/conducted by Jack Marshall.
Compositions by Jobim are indicated on the Tracklist below.


Side 1:

Ho Ba La La
Sweet Happy Life
Quiet Nights (Jobim)
The Dreamer (Jobim)
So Danço Samba (Jobim)

Side 2:

Once I Loved (Jobim)

Who Knows
Tem Do
With Feeling
Água de Beber (Jobim)

LINER NOTES (from the Original LP, uncredited):


Original LP produced by David Cavanaugh.

[U.S. LP]

The Lettermen, "The Lettermen!!!. . . And "Live"!", Capitol Records #ST 2758 (1967).[LP]
Jobim's compositions included are "Meditation" and "Quiet Nights".

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