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Jarkko Toivonen's Brazilian Guitar

Marcos Valle (left) and Jarkko (right).



Born:  April 9, 1969

Place of residence: Helsinki, Finland

Musical Studies: 1978-1983 East Helsinki Music School; 1983-1989 Sibelius Academy/Youth Department

Style: Latin American/Brazilian Music.

The Jacaranda Quartet: In 1989, Jarkko Toivonen established a group of his own, called "Jarkko Toivonen Jacaranda Quartet". The members of this group besides himself are Hannu Rantanen, bass; Jartsa Karvonen, drums, percussion; and Mongo Aaltonen, percussion.

Jarkko's first album, Sambolero was released in 1987 when he was only 18 yrs. old.




Acrobat_symbol.GIF   Jarkko-bio.pdf   This document describes more of Jarkko's biography, musical influences, and music experiences.

   Jarkko-recog.pdf  This document lists the recognition and reviews Jarkko has received for his recordings and performances.

Article-thumbnail.JPG   Finland-story.JPG  This print story appeared in the Finland media regarding the concert pictured below (IN FINNISH).


jarkko article.jpg - An article on Jarkko and his career covered by a local newspaper in Finland (IN FINNISH).




Maria Creuza and Jarkko.


Paulo Jobim (left) and Jarkko.


From left to right:  bassist Ney Conceicao, pianist Gilson Peranzzetta, guitarist Sebastiao Tapajos,
composer-harmonica player Mauricio Einhorn and Jarkko.


Jarkko and Carlos Lyra.


Singer Ithamara Koorax with Jarkko on stage during performance - behind is bassist Jorge Pescara.
This was taken at a sold-out concert at Martinus Concert Hall, Finland (2003).
[Photo courtesy of Arnaldo DeSouteiro and used with permission]


Ithamara and Jarkko receiving a standing ovation after the March 15, 2003 concert.
From left to right: pianist Paula Faour, bassist Jorge Pescara, Jarkko Toivonen,
Ithamara Koorax and drummer Cesar Machado.
[Photo courtesy of Arnaldo DeSouteiro and used with permission]


[Above and Below] Ithamara Koorax and Jarkko Toivonen.
[Photos courtesy of Arnaldo DeSouteiro and used with permission]







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