Henry Mancini:

RCA Victor (continued)


portstfront-2.jpg  portstback-2.jpg
[Stereo Box Set Covers]

portstpgfront-1.jpg  portstpgback-2.jpg
[LP #1 - "The Music From Peter Gunn" front and back jacket from box set]

PGLabel1.png  PGLabel2.png
[LP #1 Stereo labels]

Tiffany-front.png  Tiffany-back.png
[LP #2 - "Breakfast at Tiffany's" front and back jacket from box set]

Latin-front.jpg  Latin-back.jpg
[LP #3 - "Mr. Lucky Goes Latin" front and back jacket from box set]

[LP #3 Stereo labels]

ManciniTouch-front.jpg  ManciniTouch-back.png
[LP #4 - "The Mancini Touch" front and back jacket from box set]

mtouchlab2.png  mtouchlab1.png
[LP #4 Stereo labels]

Charade-front.jpg  Charade-back.png
[LP #5 - "Charade" front and back jacket from box set]

charlab1.png   charlab2.png
[LP #5 Stereo labels]

Henry Mancini, "Portraits In Stereo", RCA Victor #PRS 159 (1964).[5-LP Box Set]

The 5 complete LPs included are:

The Music From Peter Gunn
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Mr. Lucky Goes Latin
The Mancini Touch

As with other RCA Victor box sets of the 1960s, each of the LPs is in its own jacket inside the box set.  There was usually a thin printed booklet or fold-out leaflet with these RCA box sets describing the music contained inside, and a bit about the artist featured.  This may or may not have been included with this particular set.

LINER NOTES from the LPs included in this box set:

The Music From Peter Gunn liners

Breakfast at Tiffany's liners

Mr. Lucky Goes Latin liners

The Mancini Touch liners

Charade liners

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