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Henry Mancini:

RCA Victor/RCA Camden (continued)

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[Original LP]

Henry Mancini and His Orchestra, "Film Music by Mancini", RCA Camden #ACL2-0293 (1973).[2 LP compilation]


Side A

Side B

Side C

Side D

Peter Gunn

Theme for Sam*

Dear Heart*

In the Arms of Love*

A Quiet Happening

Candlelight on Crystal

The Sweetheart Tree*

The Swing March

Two for the Road*

Nothing to Lose*

The Great Race March

How Soon*

Happy Barefoot Boy

The Party

Bachelor in Paradise*

Too Little Time

Days of Wine and Roses*

Mr. Hobbs Theme

* = with chorus

Personnel not credited on album.

Reissue produced by Ethel Gabriel.

[RCA Quadradisc shown above]

Henry Mancini, His Piano, Orchestra & Chorus, "Country Gentleman", RCA Quadradisc #APD1-0270 (1973).[LP]
Henry Mancini, His Piano, Orchestra & Chorus, "Country Gentleman", RCA #APL1-0270 (1973).[LP]
Henry Mancini, His Piano, Orchestra & Chorus, "Country Gentleman", RCA #AFL1-0270 (1977).[LP reissue]

Side 1
Side 2
Delta Down
Take Me Home, Country Roads
If You've Got the Time
Come Live With Me
A Picture of Me (Without You)
With One Exception
Your Cheatin' Heart
The Ways To Love a Man
For The Good Times
Medley: All His Children, Tomorrow is My Friend, Dear Heart

Personnel Soloists: James Burton - Lead Guitar; Tommy Morgan - Harmonica; Larry Muhoberac - Organ; Buddy Emmons - Steel Guitar; Vincent DeRosa - French Horn; Larry; Carlton - Lead Guitar in "Delta Down" and "With One Exception"; Henry Mancini, piano.

[U.S. LP Compilation]

[UK LP Compilation]

Perry Como, "Dream On Little Dreamer", RCA Camden #CAS-2609 (1973).[LP Compilation]
Perry Como, "Relax With Perry Como", RCA Camden [UK] #CDS-1123 (1974).[LP Compilation]

With Orchestra conducted by Mitchell Ayers and Nick Perito.
With The Ray Charles Singers and The Anita Kerr Quartet.
This compilation also contains two Mancini compositions indicated on the tracklist below.


Dream On Little Dreamer
Days of Wine and Roses (Mancini)
What Kind of Fool Am I?
Stay With Me (Perito) (arr./cond. Perito)
Moon River (Mancini)
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
In These Crazy Times
Try To Remember (arr./cond. Perito)

Bonus Tracks included on the UK "Relax With Perry Como":
"A" - You're Adorable
Long Ago (And Far Away)
It's Only A Paper Moon

[Standard issue stereo LP shown above]

Henry Mancini, "Hangin' Out with Henry Mancini", RCA #CPL1-0672 (1974).[LP]
Henry Mancini, "Hangin' Out with Henry Mancini", RCA #APD1-0672 (1974).[Quadradisc LP]
Henry Mancini, "Hangin' Out with Henry Mancini", RCA #AFL1-0672 (1977).[LP reissue]


Side A
Side B

Medley: Love's Theme; TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)

The Sex Symbol*

Theme from The Girl from Petrovka

Hangin' Out

Theme from The White Dawn


The Entertainer

The Thief Who Came to Dinner*

Song for Anna

The Stripper

* = with chorus.

Personnel: Soloists:

Medley: Love's Theme; TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)--Trumpet Soloist, Graham Young; Soprano Saxophone Soloist, Don Menza

Theme from The Girl From Petrovka--Accordion Soloist, Frank Messina; Organ Soloist, Ralph Grierson

Theme from The White Dawn--Recorder Soloist, Art Smith; Organ Soloist, Ralph Grierson

The Entertainer--Clarinet Soloist, Dominick Fera; Cornet Soloist, Graham Young

Song For Anna--Piano Soloist, Henry Mancini

The Sex Symbol--Piano Soloist, Henry Mancini

Hangin' Out--Hank Mancini and The Mouldy Seven**

Dolce--Piano Soloist, Henry Mancini

The Stripper--Drum Soloist, Shelly Manne

** "The Mouldy Seven" - Solo Whistler--"Big Hank"; Guitar--Bob Bain; Bass--Chuck Domanico; Tack Piano--Ralph Grierson; Trumpet--Ray Linn; Drums--Shelly Manne; Clarinet--Abe Most; Trombone--Dick Nash.

Arp Synthesizer programmed by Chris Mancini.

Produced by Joe Reisman/Manor Productions, Inc.


Tony Bennett and Bill Evans, "The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album", RCA [Brazil] #________ (1975).[LP Reissue]
Includes the Oscar-winning song "Days of Wine and Roses" (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer).

Personnel: Tony Bennett (vocal), Bill Evans (piano).

[Original LP]

["Stereo 8" 8-Track Tape]

Henry Mancini, "Symphonic Soul", RCA #APL1-1025 (1975).[LP]
Henry Mancini, "Symphonic Soul", RCA #APD1-1025 (1975).[QuadraDisc LP]
Henry Mancini, "Symphonic Soul", RCA Records [Canada] #__________ (1975).["Stereo 8" 8-Track Tape]
Henry Mancini, "Symphonic Soul", RCA #AFL1-1025 (1977).[LP reissue]
Henry Mancini, "Symphonic Soul", RCA [Spain] #96075 (2002).[CD Reissue]


Side A
Side B
Symphonic Soul
Slow Hot Wind (Lujon)
Pick Up the Pieces
Satin Soul
Sun Goddess
Peter Gunn (new version)
Soul Saga (Song of the Buffalo Soldier)

African Symphony

Personnel: Soloists:

Symphonic Soul: Piccolo Trumpet Soloist--Bud Brisbois

Butterfly: Electric Bass Soloist--Abraham Laboriel; Electric Piano Soloist--Joe Sample

Satin Soul: Organ soloist--Joe Sample

Peter Gunn (new version): Electric Bass Soloist--Abraham Laboriel; Organ soloist--Joe Sample; Piccolo Trumpet & Trumpet Soloist--Bud Brisbois

Slow Hot Wind (Lujon): Flute Soloist--Louise DiTullio

Pick Up the Pieces: Organ Soloist--Joe Sample

Sun Goddess: Organ Soloist--Joe Sample

Soul Saga (Song of the Buffalo Soldier): Harmonica Soloist--Tommy Morgan

African Symphony: African Finger Piano Soloist--Mayuto

Rhythm Section:

Keyboards: Joe Sample

Bass: Abraham Laboriel

Drums: Harvey Mason

Guitars: Dennis Budimir/Lee Ritenour/David T. Walker

Latin Percussion: Mayuto [Correa]

Percussionists: Dale Anderson/Harvey Mason/Emil Richards

Concert Master: Erno Neufeld

Principal French Horn: Vincent DeRosa

Principal Trombone: Dick Nash

Orchestra Manager: Marion Klein

Produced by Joe Reisman.

[Original LP]

[Japan LP]

Henry Mancini, "The Return of the Pink Panther", RCA Victor #ABL1-0968 (1975).[LP]
Henry Mancini, "The Return of the Pink Panther", RCA #ABD1-0968 (1975).[Quadradisc LP]
Henry Mancini, "The Return of the Pink Panther", RCA [Japan] #RCA-5222 (1975).[LP]



LP Produced by Joe Reisman.

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