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Henry Mancini, "Silver Streak", Intrada (Special Collection Series) (no cat. number) (2002).[CD]

This is an original film score composed in 1976 by Henry Mancini and was not previously released on LP or CD.

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Henry Mancini, "Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation", Intrada (Special Collection Series) (no cat. number) (2003).[CD]

This is an original film score composed by Henry Mancini in 1962 and was not previously released on LP or CD.


Produced by Douglass Fake and Nick Redman.

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Henry Mancini, "The Hawaiians", Intrada (Special Collection Series) #124 (March 2, 2010).[2-CD Limited Edition Set]

Original LP released on the United Artists label in 1970.

Intrada's description:  Classic Henry Mancini soundtrack finally makes 2-CD set world premiere! Tom Gries directs large-scale sequel to HAWAII with Charlton Heston, Geraldine Chaplin, John Phillip Law. Long thought missing forever, the Henry Mancini estate finally locates composer's personal 1/4" mono copy of complete soundtrack sessions, including full orchestral score plus all individual soloist overlays & original ethnic ensemble pieces. But there's more! Intrada also presents complete original Mancini re-recording of highlights from score, released on United Artists label, presented in stereo from superb condition stereo album masters vaulted at MGM. Mancini's own classic album represented just half of his score. Enjoy now his entire work and have additional fun comparing his very authentic re-recordings to his original soundtrack counterparts! Henry Mancini conducts both actual soundtrack plus re-recorded album.


CD 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

01. Theme From “The Hawaiians” 2:57
02. Mun Ki Is A Grabber 1:11
03. Ship In The Night; After The Grab;
      Homecoming 4:32
04. Aloha Little Pakes; Longside New Home;
      Whipped Whip 3:32
05. Streets Of Chinatown 1:18
06. Welcome To Asia 2:03
07. Pretty Soon Water 1:15
08. Thinking Back; Overpeck Pays Off 2:21
09. Fish & Poi 1:20
10. Stubborn Hakka; Sad Auntie 3:59
11. The Payoff 0:36
12. Medicine For Pake 1:25
13. Mun Ki Breakdown; Pineapple Pirates 4:45
14. No Feel Sick; Better We Go 2:18
15. She Gone; Poor Little Pakes 2:51
16. The Molokai Express 4:39
17. Ready Whip 1:25
18. Leap You Lepers 1:00
19. Bye Bye Mun Ki 0:39
20. Music For A Japanese Bath 2:38
21. Fumiko 1:43
22. Auntie Returns 4:12
23. The Wedding; Matinee For Whip 1:55
24. Arm In Arm 1:20
25. Him Very Sick; Pay The Ten Lots;
      Short Arm For All 2:25
26. The Final Deal; Wrap Up 4:07

CD 1 Time: 64:43

CD 2 Original United Artists Score Album:

01. Theme From “The Hawaiians” (Main Title) 2:39
02. Auntie’s Theme 3:17
03. Pineapple Pirates 3:12
04. Music For A Japanese Bath 2:27
05. Quiet Thoughts 2:30
06. Fumiko (Japanese Love Theme) 3:02
07. Molokai 3:31
08. The Streets Of Chinatown 2:26
09. Theme From “The Hawaiians” (Homecoming) 2:40
10. Auntie’s Theme (End Title) 4:18

CD 2 Time: 30:38








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Henry Mancini, "99 and 44/100% Dead!" (OST), Intrada (Special Collection Series) #133 (2010).[Limited Edition CD]

Original LP released in 1974.
Intrada's Description:  World premiere release of original soundtrack from John Frankenheimer gangster tale (part serious, part comic) starring Richard Harris, Chuck Connors, Edmond O'Brien. Henry Mancini writes tuneful score with nods to earlier Mancini-era scores (PETER GUNN, MR. LUCKY, others). Charged main title a launching pad for numerous swinging, jazzy numbers. Score presented in mono with bonus tracks in stereo, mastered from only surviving elements available courtesy both 20th Century Fox & Henry Mancini Archives. Album produced by Nick Redman, liner notes by Julie Kirgo. Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!


01. Main Title 1:52
02. Hangin’ Out 5:21
03. “Easy Baby” 2:50
04. New Shoes 1:42
05. Buffy 2:49
06. The Kid And The Pro 1:34
07. Dolly’s Place 3:39
08. A Soft Shade Of Red 2:57
10. Sweet Marvin 3:59
11. Bon Voyage 3:22
12. “Easy Baby” (Single Version) 2:22

Bonus Tracks:

13. Up Yer ARP 2:41
14. Baby Talk 1:10
15. “Man On The Flying Trapeze” (Carousel Source) 1:14
16. “Over The Waves” (Carousel Source) 2:17
17. “Listen To The Mockingbird” (Carousel Source) 1:23
18. Down Yer ARP 2:09
19. The Rescue 2:14
20. Look Ma, No Claw 1:21

Time = 50:46

LINER NOTES (by Julie Kirgo), Musician personnel and Album credits:





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Henry Mancini, "Trail of the Pink Panther" (OST), Intrada (Special Collection Series) #163 (2011).[Limited Edition CD]

Movie originally premiered in 1982.

From the Intrada website:  At last! World premiere release of complete Henry Mancini soundtrack for seventh Pink Panther film (and last with Peter Sellers via outtakes), directed by Blake Edwards. Film builds plot around reporter doing story on Inspector Clouseau, incorporates cameos by many actors from earlier movies with previously unseen bits by Sellers. Henry Mancini writes full score for movie with brand new update of iconic main theme plus several all new melodies, action cues, funny ideas. Fights with Burt Kwouk, beautiful theme for Paris, rich baritone horn tune for Bruno are wonderful highlights. Interestingly, when film appears in 1982, Liberty label issues just two specially recorded tracks from film on soundtrack album which otherwise is mere compilation of previously available material - literally a "Pink Panther's Greatest Hits" album rather than actual TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER soundtrack. Now, Intrada addresses missed opportunity by gaining access to actual 2" 24-track soundtrack scoring session masters stored in mint condition in MGM vaults. This allows us to create brand new stereo mixes of every cue, producing first ever true soundtrack. Mancini at his melodious best! Notes by Dan Schweiger plus wonderful classic sixties-style artwork highlighting elegant booklet design by Joe Sikoryak are compliments to tuneful package. Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!


Main Title
The Easy Life in Paris
Salute to Balls
The Bagman
Scotland Yard
In A Mist
The Message
One On One
The Easy Life In Paris No. 1
Bruno's Tune
TV News Theme
Break In
Son of One On One
The Easy Life in Paris No. 2
Bruno's Theme
Swine Rabbit
Family History
German Invasion
The End of Clouseau?
End Credits

Bonus Material:
Strum Chord
Martha:  M'Appari Tutt'Amor (Friedrich Von Flotow/Arranged by Henry Mancini)

LINER NOTES (by producer Douglass Fake) and Album credits:






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