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Henry Mancini, "The Moneychangers", Intrada (Special Collection Series) #172 (2011).[Limited Edition 2-CD Set]

TV Special / Series premiered in 1976.

From the Intrada website:  World premiere 2-CD release of complete Henry Mancini score for mammoth 1976 TV filming of Arthur Hailey's novel, directed by Boris Sagal, starring Kirk Douglas, Christopher Plummer, Timothy Bottoms, Joan Collins, many others. Mancini launches with rhythmic figure in deliberate tempo for horns, trombones, percussion, then quickly brings in string theme to set score into motion. Woodwinds, piccolo trumpet, agitated violins highlight secondary idea, then composer brings in variants of main theme. Rhythms return and Mancini finally wraps with dramatic, fortissimo coda - all in a single "Main Title". Wow! Film has four parts, Intrada CDs present parts 1 & 2 on first disc, 3 & 4 on second disc. Over two hours of music! Mancini offers incredible array of material, from memorable main theme, haunting love theme to signature combo pieces, rousing action. A sensational work from a genuine master of the craft! Though CBS made license available, release only became possible when bass trombonist for original sessions located 1/4" full-track (mono) safeties of complete score, recorded over several days. Terrific outcome for a magnificent score nearly lost forever! Mancini did re-record the theme on his wonderful "Mancini's Angels" LP at time, but this is first release of actual soundtrack. Special treat for Mancini fans: all those players from his classic albums sitting in on sessions, including Ted Nash, Vincent DeRosa, Graham Young, Dick Nash, Bob Bain, Terry Woodson, Shelly Manne, many others. Splendid performances assured! Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies!


CD 1
Part I

01. Main Title 2:42
02. Son Of Main Title 4:42
03. Bye Bye Roselli/Willing To Forget 3:24
04. Taco & Salsa 2:15
05. Alex And The Hoods 2:29
06. Missing Money 0:54
07. Tall Building/Basta 2:51
08. Clean Hands 1:47
09. Good News 0:52
10. Celia/All About Celia 3:33
11. Margot 2:08
12. The Fireplace Ploy 3:57
13. March Of The Moneychangers 1:35
14. Here Comes Mrs. Dorsey 0:51
15. Wainwright Hates Easton 3:14
16. Key Change Ad Music/Drummonburg, Here I Come 2:44
17. Miles Behind 3:39

Part 2

18. The Snitch 3:35
19. Visit To The Morgue 1:09
20. The Big Q 0:46
21. Karla (Once Is Not Enough) 4:10
22. Welcome To The Bahamas No. 1 1:35
23. Avril’s Theme No. 1 2:04
24. Avril’s Theme No. 2 2:52
25. Welcome To The Bahamas No. 2 3:02
26. Avril’s Theme (Guitar/Orchestra) 3:28
27. It’s Done 0:22
28. Easy Money Montage 3:40
29. Pull The Drapes 1:30
30. Free Lunch 1:16
31. Lunch Money 1:29
32. Let Them Eat Cake 0:42
33. Ain’t For Sale 1:18
34. Fire Bomb 1:15

CD 1 Total Time: 78:34

CD 2
Part 3

01. Fade In 0:28
02. Trick Or Treat 2:24
03. I’ve Missed You 3:47
04. Miles Returns 4:00
05. An Idea/Buzz Saw 1:00
06. H.E.L.P./Flamenco 1:18
07. Face To Face/Margot Loves Alex 2:27
08. Good Things Take Time/Mucho Gusto Senor 2:34
09. Something For Miles 2:50
10. Stay Out Of It 0:27
11. How Was Church?/We Will We Will 3:40
12. Good As Gold/The Big Q Skips 3:17
13. The Big Bug 1:55

Part 4

14. The Deacon Speaks 3:08
15. I Heard 2:10
16. Hang On 1:51
17. Find Him 1:30
18. White Girl Boogie/Black Girl Boogie 1:46
19. Purchase Is Approved 1:28
20. Meet The Wizard 1:49
21. For Money/One Guess 2:24
22. The Shootout 3:31
23. Roscoe Takes A Cab 3:16
24. The End 1:45
25. End Credits 0:34

CD 2 Total Time: 55:56











Liner Notes by John Takis & Douglass Fake.

Album produced by Douglass Fake.


Henry Mancini, "Charade", Intrada #MAF 7121 (2012).[CD]

Notes from the Intrada website:  In celebration of Universal's 100th Anniversary, Intrada proudly presents world premiere release of famous Henry Mancini soundtrack to legendary Stanley Donen romantic thriller in Hitchcock vein, starring handsome Cary Grant, vulnerable Audrey Hepburn, would-be agent Walter Matthau plus baddies George Kennedy and James Coburn. Mancini anchors with justifiably famous rhythmic main theme in triple meter, then follows with haunting variants, romantic ideas, splendid source cues, jazz and - in particular - early examples of trademark dramatic writing with sliding string figures, sustained suspense lines and dissonant brass clusters for effect. Musical highlights are many: grim hook fight scene on rooftops, exciting Metro chase sequences, tuneful opening ski run source numbers for France locales. Special nod to tender, saddened piano & string version of main theme when Hepburn returns from identifiying her slain husband, then finds her room completely empty. Scene sets stage for one of the most sophisticated thrillers of the sixties, Mancini punctuates it all the way to final twist! Complete 77-minute soundtrack presented from original scoring session elements made in London, all courtesy of both Sony Music and Universal Pictures. Mancini re-recorded brief highlights for RCA label in 1963, sadly left off all tender & haunting variants of main theme plus - incredibly - virtually all dramatic scoring. Now, alongside that admittedly famous album, enjoy at last the complete 77-minute soundtrack. Alongside new release of Hatari, this Intrada CD is important debut of an original soundtrack from Mancini's most famous era (Breakfast At Tiffany's, Hatari, Charade, Experiment In Terror, The Pink Panther) as all Mancini albums from the period were re-arranged and re-recorded 30-minute programs with emphasis on dance mood. Intrada is happy to remedy oversight on one of Mancini's greatest! Henry Mancini conducts.


01. Charade Logo 0:25
02. Main Title 2:25
03. Mégève 3:14
04. Latin Snowfall 2:13
05. Positive Identification 2:09
06. Empty Room 2:35
07. Bye Bye Charlie 3:49
08. Punch And Judy 2:00
09. Mambo Parisienne 2:15
10. Orange Tamouré 1:30
11. Mean Cat 2:42
12. Confide In Me 3:35
13. Don't Trust Him 3:35
14. Bistro 3:24
15. Street (Bistro #2) 2:07
16. Hook Fight 5:26
17. Fatherly Talk 1:48
18. Poor Dead Herman 2:33
19. Notre Dame and Drip-Dry Waltz 4:33
20. Bateau Mouche 3:02
21. Charade 2:09
22. Gideon Goes Down 1:21
23. Carousel Medly 5:17
24. Stamps 1:17
25. Metro Chase 2:25
26. Son Of Metro Chase 3:04
27. Game Over 1:37
28. True Identity and Finale 3:54


Henry Mancini, "Hatari!", Intrada Special Collection - Volume 200 (2012).[Limited Edition CD]

Notes from the Intrada website:  Special Collection Volume 200 is neat milestone! World premiere release of actual Henry Mancini soundtrack to terrific Howard Hawks adventure film set in Africa, starring John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli, Red Buttons. Wayne and company capture rare animals for various world zoos. Some species are easier to catch than others. Elephants inspire Mancini to create legendary tune "Baby Elephant Walk", available for first time ever in its original soundtrack guise. Famous swaggering tune for high register Eb clarinet also figures during climactic "Search For Dallas". Leopard, buffalo, monkey, giraffe, ostrich all get their say but incredibly dangerous rhino sequences are what bring out Mancini's equally legendary main theme, often heard on choir of French horns in unison. In 1962, Mancini re-recorded just 30 minutes of highlights for admittedly sensational RCA album. In companionship with that album, now enjoy Mancini's complete original recordings, presented mostly in stereo from Paramount Pictures scoring session elements. A few sections required use of mono stems to allow restoration of complete soundtrack. This new hour long release carries landmark significance: every Mancini album during this most famous period of his career (Breakfast At Tiffany's, Hatari, Charade, Experiment In Terror, The Pink Panther) was heavily truncated and completely re-arranged with emphasis on dance mood. Along with new release of Charade, this marks exciting debut of an actual Mancini soundtrack from the era! Danger, romance, thrills, comedy, all getting rich Mancini melody! Unforgettable original campaign artwork is icing on the cake. Henry Mancini conducts. Available while quantities and interest remain.


01. The Sounds Of Hatari 4:17
02. Main Title 2:35
03. Safari Bar Piano Blues 1:24
04. Giraffe Country 1:34
05. Just For Tonight (Instrumental) 2:10
06. Paraphrase I 1:40
07. Night Side 2:35
08. Dallas Has A Plan 1:31
09. Trip To Masai Wells 1:06
10. Indian Comes Home 0:58
11. Just For Tonight (Solo Piano) 2:24
12. Swift Animal Chase 0:49
13. Dead Elephant 0:37
14. Night Side (Record Player) 2:19
15. Leopard And Buffalo 1:51
16. The Crocodile 1:08
17. Your Father’s Feathers 1:50
18. Baby Elephant Walk (Short) 1:57
19. Crocodile, Go Home! 1:10
20. Big Band Bwana 1:46
21. Paraphrase II 1:26
22. Wildebeest Hunt 2:36
23. Brandy Sniffer 2:09
24. Ice Bucket Blues 1:42
25. Monkey Suits 2:04
26. Baby Elephant Walk (Long) 3:14
27. Elephant Scare 0:49
28. More Rhino 0:53
29. Burnt Fingers 2:59
30. Search For Dallas 4:23
31. Just For Tonight (Chorus) 2:10
32. Finale 0:19

Limited Edition CD Booklet PDF with Liner Notes, Album Credits & Photos (special thanks to Mike Newcomb for his scanning work)

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Henry Mancini, "Condorman", Intrada Special Collection Series - Volume 219 (2012).[Limited Edition CD]
From the Original Soundtrack of 1981.  First time ever on CD!

Notes from the Intrada website:  Wow! Exciting Henry Mancini score finally gets released! 1981 action-filled Disney comicbook superhero tale directed by Charles Jarrott, starring Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed, Barbara Carrera inspires Henry Mancini to write one of his most exciting, energetic scores of his career. Mancini anchors with robust "Condorman" theme (including fun chorus), then tackles profuse action scenes with dynamic, propulsive action material for full orchestra. Powerful trombone lines, aggressive rhythms, fanfares for trumpets all get spotlight! Music for killer Morovich is especially aggressive. In contrast, Mancini creates one of his gentlest, most heartfelt pretty themes for Natalia, given particular prominence in beautifully-scored "Free Single Woman". Interestingly, due to licensing, not a note of this splendid score has ever been released before, not even as a single theme on one of the numerous Mancini compilations of the era. Now, through courtesy of Disney, Intrada presents entire score (plus several extras) in crisp, punchy stereo, direct from multi-track scoring session masters stored in mint condition in Disney vaults. Colorful artwork, too! Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!


The Album:

01. Condorman Main Title 3:05
02. Eiffel Tower Flight 0:37
03. First Fight 0:48
04. It Was Nothing 1:52
05. Meet Laser Lady 1:18
06. The Gypsy 2:15
07. Free Single Woman 2:57
08. Attack Of The Prognoviach 5:14
09. Morovich Again 1:35
10. The Barn 1:03
11. Natalia's Theme 1:49
12. Morovich Presses 3:41
13. Welcome To The Matterhorn 1:53
14. Joy Ride 2:28
15. I'll Bring The Dip (Natalia's Rescue) 2:19
16. Bye-Bye Rolls 3:45
17. The Speed Boat Chase 2:03
18. More Speed Boat Chase 1:57
19. End Title 1:16
20. Theme From Condorman 1:35

The Extras:

21. Mummy Tummy 3:06
22. Mummy Tummy (Alt.) 2:15
23. Belly Dance 2:56
24. Walk On Ice 0:48
25. Accordion Dance 1:49
26. Russian Party Dance 1:50
27. Son Of Russian Party Dance 2:55
28. Condorman Logo (Outtake) 0:32

Limited Edition CD Booklet PDF with Liner Notes, Album Credits & Photos (special thanks to Mike Newcomb for his scanning work)

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Henry Mancini, "Days of Wine & Roses" (OST), Intrada Special Collection Series -  Volume 242 (2013).[Limited Edition CD]

Notes from the Intrada website:  In 1962, filmgoers heard one of cinema's most striking musical openers of all time: solo French horn, without introduction, intoning opening notes of what becomes Academy Award-winning title song to legendary Blake Edwards look at unrelentingly grim descent of young couple into alcoholism. With Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick in Oscar-nominated portrayals, film allows despair, tragedy to imbue uncompromising movie right up to unforgettable conclusion. And - like opener - audiences here were privileged to hear one of cinema's equally outstanding film score finales, amongst the most sublime in history: solo French horn returns, unaccompanied, intoning same opening phrase of haunting theme melody, but ending without resolve! Powerful coda to a powerful score. But interior of score offers so much more! Beautiful variants on main theme are balanced with intense, dramatic low string-dominated cues for grim portions of tale. Elsewhere, signature Mancini tunes in upbeat style add further layers to classic score. Though Mancini enjoyed wildly popular re-arranged and re-recorded albums of all of his early film score successes (BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, CHARADE, PINK PANTHER, HATARI, many others), Intrada release of DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES is, incredibly, the first ever release in any form for this brilliant score. CD presented from complete mono tapes (as mixed for picture) in crisp, clean audio, all courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures & Henry Mancini Estate. Famous Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancini title song appears as well! Flipper cover allows two different dramatic approaches to film artwork! Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!


01. Days of Wine and Roses (Main Title) 2:12
02. Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 2) 1:49
03. Man Meets Girl 4:30
04. Hi-Fi II 2:24
05. Hi-Fi I 3:27
06. Gorgeous and Guilty 1:24
07. Kissed in the Greenhouse 1:07
08. Silly 2:18
09. Some Laughs 2:46
10. Off Scene Hi-Fi 1:40
11. They Fired Me 1:12
12. Vanilla, Part 1 2:13
13. Vanilla, Part 2 1:41
14. Crazy Smell 2:11
15. Get in the Tub, Part 1 1:04
16. Get in the Tub, Part 2 1:04
    17. A Gone Mommy 0:47
18. No Guts 7:37
19. A Sad Pop 2:49
20. I Want to Come Home 6:58
   The Album Total Time: 50:07

The Extras
21. Cocktail Hour 2:22
22. Navel Engagement (Turkish Combo) 2:55
23. Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 1) 3:03
24. What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter) 2:46
25. I Only Have Eyes for You (Harry Warren/Al Dubin) 2:27
26. September in the Rain (Harry Warren/Al Dubin) 1:10
27. Play Off for Trailer 0:18
   The Extras Total Time: 14:58

Limited Edition CD Booklet PDF with Liner Notes, Album Credits & Photos (special thanks to Mike Newcomb for his scanning work)

WhiteDawn_600_a.jpg  WhiteDawn_600_b.jpg
Henry Mancini, "The White Dawn (OST)", Intrada Special Collection Series - Volume 253 (2013).[Limited Edition CD]

From the Intrada website:  At last! One of Henry Mancini's most involved, impressive scores (and a personal favorite of his) finally gets world premiere release! Philip Kaufman film was challenging project chronicling 1896 plight of three shipwrecked American whalers off coast of Northern Canada. How each is differently affected by environment, group of Inuit nomads that rescue them, ultimate violence that ensues forms basis of unusual outdoor drama. Warren Oates, Timothy Bottoms, Lou Gossett star alongside the Eskimo People of the Canadian Arctic. Mancini melds two diverse ideas - simple, fluid melody for Inuit people and involved orchestral statements for full orchestra and percussion - resulting in rich, diverse yet incredibly coherent musical experience. Woodwinds (particularly family of flutes) often get spotlight for numerous melodic ideas. Dynamic percussion also have their say, as do terse brass chords in select dramatic moments. Great music! Long not available for album releasing due various missing elements, now through combined efforts of Intrada, Paramount Pictures, Henry Mancini Archives and Lukas Kendall of FSM, full presentation of entire score is possible, albeit orchestral cues, many layers of quasi-improvisational solos, vocal chants and percussion tracks were only mixed and vaulted in mono. Every precious tidbit is included but myriad elements exhibit considerable degree of hiss, even after restoration efforts. That said, careful preservation and presentation of masterful score yields important CD for seventies soundtrack fans and Henry Mancini collectors alike! Authoritative notes by John Takis plus flipper cover offering two different artwork approaches completes handsome package. Interesting to note Mancini adapted a brief suite of WHITE DAWN themes for concert performance, years later director Kaufman includes one such sequence from RCA concert recording in his epic THE RIGHT STUFF feature! Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!


01. Arctic Whale Hunt 3:36
02. Main Title/Your Father’s Ice Floe 6:32
03. Tricky Shaman Pt. I and II 3:09
04. Seal Scope and Little Indian Boy* 3:15
05. The Lesson and Little Indian Boy* 1:31
06. Trek to Warm Buns/A Goose for Daggett* 3:35
07. Eskimo Pie 3:47
08. The Wooly Booger Hornpipe 4:24
09. The Stone Path 1:27
10. The Escape and Home Boys Home 2:21
11. Return to Paradise Pt. I and II 5:32
12. Snow Buns and Native Song and Little Indian Boy* 2:30
13. New Bedford Igloo 0:48
14. Tricky Shaman—Act II/Shaman Gets His Rocks Off 1:45
15. Eskimo Wool 1:45
16. Bye Bye Sarkak 1:10
17. Panic Run 0:47
18. Dead Daggett 0:34
19. Old Woman’s Song (Vocals by Akshooyooliak and Lou Gossett) 1:22
Total Score Time: 50:42

Bonus Tracks:
20. Main Title (film version) 2:25
21. The Escape and Home Boys Home (film version) (Vocals by Warren Oates, Timothy Bottoms and Lou Gossett) 2:20
22. Return to Paradise Pt. I and II (film version) (Vocals by Akshooyooliak and Lou Gossett) 5:30
*Contains “Little Indian Boy” Composed by Henry Mancini and Folkways Records
Total Bonus Time: 10:21

Limited Edition CD Booklet PDF with Liner Notes, Album Credits & Photos (special thanks to Mike Newcomb for his scanning work)

BreakfastTiffanys_a_600.jpg  BreakfastTiffanys_b_600.jpg

Henry Mancini, "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Intrada #MAF 7129 (2013).[CD with Bonus Tracks]

From the Intrada website:  At long last! Henry Mancini's all-time most famous score becomes available in its original Academy Award-winning soundtrack performance, in stereo, complete with all knock-out big band numbers and dramatic orchestral cues intact. And achoring all, big surprise, is Mancini & Mercer's also Academy Award-winning masterpiece "Moon River" sung by Audrey Hepburn. They don't get any more famous. When 1961 Blake Edwards feature, from novel by Truman Capote, first hit screen, movie history was made. Hepburn in her signature role, along with George Peppard, Patricia Neal and Mickey Rooney, bring warmth, romance, fun, tenderness, sorrow, drama all to beautiful tale, with bittersweet Buddy Ebsen earning particular praise. And then there is Cat. Mix Hepburn, Peppard, Cat and Mancini's note-perfect swell of strings and horns soaring with a powerful full orchestral reading of "Moon River" in that legendary finale... not a viewer in the audience avoids the tears. And none of it has ever been released before, until now! RCA issued multi award-winning and best-selling LP in 1961, offering just 30 minutes of completely re-arranged music in dance fashion. Album was admittedly a masterful selection of Mancini's all-time greatest big band numbers. "Something For Cat" is an absolute gem! But, incredibly, that same album omitted "Moon River" save the instrumental opening titles and a cha-cha arrangement. Now enjoy all of those moving variants heard throughout actual soundtrack. But there is more! Note also the dramatic scoring as Ebsen's "Doc" reveals himself, the complete original version of the heist sequence and the haunting, saddened parting scene at the bus station. Also savor those fabulous big band numbers in their full length, original versions complete with dazzling solo passages, blazing final codas. If that isn't enough, enjoy other unused versions of "Moon River" made during the sessions plus rare demo, all courtesy Paramount Pictures. Informative notes by Jeff Bond grace interior of booklet, original campaign artwork wraps up memorable package in beautiful bow. Henry Mancini conducts, delivers his greatest masterpiece!


01. Main Title (Moon River) (3:07)
02. Paul Meets Cat (1:24)
03. Sally’s Tomato (4:57)
04. The Big Blowout (1:05)
05. Poor Fred (3:22)
06. Moon River (Cha Cha) (2:32)
07. Latin Golightly (3:05)
08. Something For Cat (4:48)
09. Loose Caboose – Part 1 (À La Cha Cha) (3:22)
10. Loose Caboose – Part 2 (2:11)
11. Moon River (Vocal By Audrey Hepburn) (2:03)
12. Meet The Doc (With Organ Grinder) (1:37)
13. An Exceptional Person (2:57)
14. You’re So Skinny (0:57)
15. Turkey Eggs (2:43)
16. Hub Caps And Tail Lights (2:19)
17. Rats And Super Rats (2:27)
18. The Hard Way (0:55)
19. Rusty Trawler (0:26)
20. Holly (1:56)
21. A Lovely Place (1:33)
22. Bermuda Nights (0:22)
23. The Big Heist (4:02)
24. After The Ball (1:14)
25. Just Like Holly (1:41)
26. Wait A Minute (0:44)
27. Feathers (1:14)
28. Let’s Eat (1:39)
29. Where’s The Cat? And End Title (Moon River) (3:50)

The Extras:

30. Moon River (Audrey Hepburn & Guitar) (1:38)
31. Moon River (Piano And Guitar) (1:38)
32. Moon River (Harmonica And Guitar) (1:36)
33. Meet The Doc (Without Organ Grinder) (1:37)
34. Piano Practice No. 1 (1:38)
35. Piano Practice No. 2 (1:48)
36. Piano Practice No. 3 (0:54)
37. Moon River (New York Version) (2:01)
38. Moon River (Whistling) (0:10)

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