Henry Mancini in a recording session, 1960s.


Henry Mancini:

GRP Records


Dave Grusin, "Two For The Road - The Music Of Henry Mancini", GRP Records, #GRP 9865 (1997).[CD]

Mancini compositions included:

Peter Gunn


Mr. Lucky

Moment to Moment

Baby Elephant Walk

Two for the Road

Days of Wine and Roses


Whistling Away the Dark

Soldier in the Rain

Personnel: Dave Grusin, Piano; John Pattucci, Bass; Harvey Mason, Drums; Russell Malone, Guitar on Peter Gunn and Dreamsville; Diana Krall, Vocal on Dreamsville and Soldier in the Rain; Paulinho DaCosta, Percussion on Hatari!, Whistling Away the Dark, and Mr. Lucky; Tollak Ollestad, Harmonica on Whistling Away the Dark and Baby Elephant Walk; Jerry Hey and the Hot Band on Baby Elephant Walk and Peter Gunn; Gary Grant, trumpet; Dan Higgins, Saxophone, Eric Marienthal, Saxophone; Andrew Martin, Trombone; Tom Scott, Saxophone.


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