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Soundstage All-Stars, "More Peter Gunn", Dot #DLP 25204 (19__).[LP]
Arrangements by Pete Candoli; album appears to be a give-away item from Packard-Bell stores.

The contents from this LP have since been combined with another LP and released on a CD under the name "The Jazz Sound From Peter Gunn".


Side 1
Side 2
The Little Man Theme
Blue Steel
Walkin' Bass
Blues for Mother's
A Quiet Gass
Odd Ball
Goofin' at the Coffee House
My Manne Shelly


Personnel: Ted Nash, Ronald Langinger alternating on Alto Sax and Flute; Frank Rosolino, Dick Nash, Milton Bernart alternating on Trombone; Larry Bunker, Vibes; Jimmy Rowles, Russ Freeman alternating on Piano; Keith "Red" Mitchell, bass; Bob Hoewe, Vincent Terri alternating on Guitar; Alvin Stoller, Frank Capp alternating on drums.

A Le-Mar Production.

LuizBonfaPlayGreatSongs-DOT.jpg  Bonfa-Plays-Great-Songs-DOT-b.jpg
[Original LP]

Alternate-Bonfa-b.png  Label.png
[Alternate LP back cover and label scan]

Luiz Bonfa, "Luiz Bonfa Plays Great Songs", Dot Records #DLP 25825 (1967).[LP]

Henry Mancini's "Moon River" composition is featured on this album.


01 - Born Free (Black / Barry)
02 - Moon River (Mercer / Henry Mancini)
03 - Spanish Eyes (Kaempfert / Singleton / Snyder)
04 - Strangers In The Night (Kaempfert / Singleton / Snyder)
05 - Bubala (Luis Bonfa)
06 - The Exodus Song (Boone / Gold)
07 - More (Newell / Oliviero / Ortolani)
08 - Somewhere My Love (Paul Francis Webster / Jarre)
09 - Yellow Bird (Keith / Jarre)
10 - Manha de Carnaval (Luis Bonfa)
11 - Seville (Luis Bonfa)
12 - A Man And a Woman (Barouh / Lai / Keller)

Album conducted by Nick Perito.
Musician personnel: Luiz Bonfa (guitar) with orchestra arranged by Nick Perito & Eumir Deodato.

LiberaceNow!.png  LiberaceNow!-b.png

Liberace, "Liberace Now!", Dot Records #DLP 3816/DLP 25816 (1967).[LP]

This album contains Mancini's "Happy Barefoot Boy" and "Two For The Road" compositions.

Orchestra conducted by Gordon Robinson.
Produced by Tom Mack.

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