Jam session at Henry Mancini's home, Fernando Gelbard (at left), Henry Mancini (holding his flute) and Hal Linden (holding his clarinet). The piano player (not seen here) was Mel Torme (actually, the top of his head is seen in the lower right portion of the photo!)

"Henry Mancini and I were good friends. I played with him a few times (he and I play flute) and we served on the board of the Foundation for New American Music for many years. His death was a great loss. He was a great, down to earth man."--Fernando Gelbard


 Henry Mancini:





Various Artists, "Shots in the Dark", Donna #D0CD 2113 (19__).[CD]

Mancini tracks include:

Bonzai Pipeline, Baby Elephant Walk, Peter Gunn, Charade (instrumental), Something for Cat, Mr. Lucky, The Pink Panther Theme, Lonesome, The Party, Monkey Farm, A Shot in the Dark, Touch of Evil, Days of Wine and Roses, Dreamsville, Push the Button, Max!, Charade (vocal), Mr. Yunioshi, Arabesque, Experiment in Terror, Moon River.

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