Henry Mancini:

Dj Specialist

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Henry Mancini, "Moon River, The Pink Panther & Other Hits", Dj Specialist #400602 (1999).[CD Reissue]


Moon River
Pink Panther Theme
Tooty Twist
Dear Heart
Darling Lili
Blue Satin
High Time
Softly, as I Leave You

R.H. Peirce/Joe Reisman, original producers.


Henry Mancini, "Romantic Movie Themes", Dj Specialist #400602 (1999).[CD Compilation]

An album comprised of Mancini and non-Mancini music.

Mancini composed tracks are:

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Thorn Birds Theme

Medley: Days of Wine and Roses/Moon River

The Sweetheart Tree

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