Henry Mancini, composing (1960s).

 Henry Mancini:


(including albums where HM participated in some way)

Henry Mancini, "The Music from Peter Gunn", Delta #79412 (1991).[CS]
Henry Mancini, "The Music from Peter Gunn", Delta #15412 (1991).[CD]


Henry Mancini, "Henry Mancini", Delta #6098 (1999).[3 CD Boxed Set]

This reissue set is comprised of everything on Delta #64023 [2 CD set plus most of the tracks of the original "Combo!" album on RCA.


Henry Mancini, "Dream of You", Delta Records #6101 (1999).
Tracklist is identical to that of "Combo!", minus two tracks at the end of "Combo!"'s Side 2.

Personnel: Pete Candoli, Trumpet; Dick Nash, Trombone; Ted Nash, Alto Sax & C Flute; Art Pepper, Clarinet; Ronny Lang, Baritone Sax & Alto Flute; Johnny Williams, Piano & Harpsichord; Bob Bain, Guitar and Bass Guitar; Rolly Bundock, Bass; Larry Bunker, Vibes & Marimba; Ramon Rivera, Conga; Shelly Manne, Drums.


Henry Mancini, "The Second Time Around and Others", Delta #6099 (1999).[Compilation 2 CD set]

Disc 1:  "The Second Time Around", "Moon Talk", "The Old College Try Cha-Cha", "High Time", "Tiger", "Fanny", "Love Music", "Frish Frosh", "My Cousin From Naples", "Theme From "The Great Imposter"

Disc 2:  "Till There Was You", "Bluesy", "Tender Is the Night", "In a Mellow Tone", "A Shot in the Dark", "Fluter's Ball", "Kelly's Tune", "White on White", "A Mild Blast", "The Shadow of Paris".


Henry Mancini, "Henry Mancini Plays Mancini and Other Composers", Delta #6100 (1999).[CD]

This is a reissue of a previous RCA album, though the CD has a different cover and was reissued under a different label.


Various Artists, "Romantic Piano - Moments to Remember", Delta Records #9125 (1999).[CD Compilation]

Includes "Send in the Clowns", "Evergreen", "Moon River", "Annie's Song" - all performed by Henry Mancini and His Orchestra.


Various Artists, "Intimate Piano - Body and Soul", Delta Records #9129 (1999).[CD Compilation]

Includes "Rhapsody in Blue" performed by Henry Mancini and "As Time Goes By" performed by Mancini and His Orchestra.


Henry Mancini, "Henry Mancini", Delta #64023 (2000).[Compilation 2 CD set]


The Second Time Around
Moon Talk
The Old College Try Cha-Cha
High Time
Frish Frosh
My Cousin From Naples
Theme From The Great Imposter
Till There Was You
Tender Is The Night
In a Mellow Tone
A Shot in the Dark
Fluter's Ball
Kelly's Tune
White on White
A Mild Blast
The Shadows of Paris

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