"Our Man in Hollywood", early 1960s.

 Henry Mancini:



Shelly Manne, "Jazz Gunn/Daktari", Collectibles Jazz Classics #COL-CD-6834 (2001).[2-in-1 CD]

Shelly Manne was Henry Mancini's studio drummer for many years. This Manne 2-in-1 CD includes two albums: "Jazz Gunn" (that contains 7 tunes Henry Mancini composed for the movie "Gunn...Number One!") and "Daktari".


From "Jazz Gunn":

01- A Bluish Bag

02- Silver Tears

03- Sweet

04- Theme For Sam

05- A Quiet Happening

06- Night Owl

07- Peter Gunn


From "Daktari":

08- Daktari

09- Out On A Limb

10- Clarence

11- Africa

12- Stay With Me

13- Elephantime

14- Wameru

15- Toto

16- Galloping Giraffes

17- Judy Judy

18- Ivan

19- Rhino Trot


Bobby Hackett, "Bobby Hackett Plays Henry Mancini / Bobby Hackett Plays Bert Kaempfert", Collectables #7411 (2002).[2-in-1 CD]
Both albums originally recorded in 1963.

Contains these Mancini compositions: Theme from Peter Gunn, A Powdered Wig, A Profound Gass, Baby Elephant Walk, Soft Touch, Don't You Forget It, Days of Wine and Roses, Theme From Mr. Lucky, Joanna, Moon River, Dreamsville, Song About Love.

No personnel info available at this time.

Gary-cd.JPG  Gary-cdb.JPG

John Gary, "The One and Only John Gary" / "That Warm And Tender Glow", Collectables #COL-CD-7320 75517487302 (2004).[2-in-1 CD]

Contains one Mancini composition, "It Had Better Be Tonight".

Musician personnel: John Gary, vocals; Pete King, David Gates, Claus Ogerman, Marty Gold, Charles Calello, arrangers/conductors. Other musicians not credited.


Joe Wilder, "The Pretty Sound" / "Jazz From Peter Gunn", Collectables #090431755020 (2006).[2-in-1 CD]

Both albums originally released in 1959.  All compositions from the "Jazz From 'Peter Gunn'" album composed by Henry Mancini.


1. Harbor Lights
2. I Hear Music
3. It's So Peaceful in the Country
4. Autumn in New York
5. Guys and Dolls
6. Blue Moon
7. Caravan
8. Greensleeves
9. The Boy Next Door
10. Lullaby
11. Not from Dixie
12. A Quiet Gass
13. Brief and Breezy
14. Joanna
15. The Floater
16. A Profound Gass
17. Slow and Easy
18. Brothers Go to Mothers
19. Fallout
20. Blues for Mother's

Musician personnel:
Joe Wilder (trumpet); Jerome Richardson (tenor saxophone,flute); Herbie Mann (flute); Urbie Green (trombone); Hank Jones (piano); Milt Hinton (bass); John Cresci, Jr. (drums); Jerome Richardson (flute, tenor saxophone); Herbie Mann (flute); Urbie Green (trombone); Hank Jones (piano).


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